Yet another Sonic WWFFY! (For girls!) 3

Yet another Sonic WWFFY! (For girls!) 3

Hey! Swift Element here, Sorry it so long making this part but, here it is! Enjoy! But first, Recap: Ok so, you woke up on a steel bed and met a wolf, Swift, and a hedgehog, Camille. You were going down to breakfast, when suddenly, A mechanical arm takes Swift! Then you meet the hedgehog of your dreams, Now you have to make a plan to save me! 1. 2. 3. GO!

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Did you read the Description? In every quiz, you're gonna have to. Just sayin'...

Yup! let's get started! (Me: Enthusiastic much? :D)
Hell I did! (Me: Why are you so mean?! DX) you: *reads description* (Me: You lair!) You: Just shut the f*ck
up... (Me: Such strong language! D:)
Maybe I did and maybe I didn't... (Me: Read the description... -_-) You: Ugh! Fine...
Yesh! I'm all set! (Me: Yeah! XD)

Let's start! Shall we?
So (whoever helped you up in your result) leads you to a room, with everybody tagging behind you guys. It has an oven, microwave, a sink, and a table with a couple of chairs.
'I'm guessing its the kitchen.' You think. Everybody sits down, and I sit next to Camille. "Ok, So anybody got any ideas of how to get Swift back?" Sonic says taking in ideas.

Hmm... *Thinks*
Hell no, I don't care about her... (Me: D,:< You son of a BI... BISCUIT!)
F*ck, I don't. (Me: Why? Why? Why do you swear!) You: Because its who I am! (Me: Look at all the f*cks I
give! They're flying all over the place! D:<) You: Look whose swearing NOW! (Me: Self defense doesn't
count!) You: ... I hate you... (Me: I was never fond of you either...) You: D:<
I can't think of one... (Me: Keep trying!) You: On it! *Thinks*

You start to think of a way. Then Silver speaks up, "Why don't we do a surprise attack?" Everybody looks up at him. "I mean, why don't we get separated into two groups. One group distracts Egghead, and the other group grabs Swift!" Everybody looks at each other and nods. But Shadow doesn't. By the look on his face, it looks like hes thinking if it'll work.

I wonder why he's always so serious... (Me: Hes just like that.) But I love the idea Silver! (Silver: Thanks!)
Why the hell is he so serious?! (Me: Didn't you pay attention to your result?!) You: Yeah! (Me: Then what did
he say at the very last sentence of it?!) You: ... Never mind... (Me: EXACTLY!) You: ... Go to hell... (Me: I'll
see you there...) You: D:<
Well, well, well! We've got our selves a genius over here! (Silver: Thanks!) You: HA! Just kidding! (Silver: D,:)
(Me: Don't worry Silver, Shes obviously an idiot.) You: HEY!
Nice plan Silver! (Silver: *Blushes* Thanks!) You: Anytime! *smiles* (Me: Oh I see what's going on here..) You:
*Blushes* Wh-what? (Me: You like Him, don't ya?) You: N-no! (Me: Ah! You hesitated! You like him! >;D) You:

"C'mon! Let's get going!" Sonic says walking over to the door. Everyone follows him out the door. Although Camille stays behind with you. "Wanna go with us?" She asks sincerely. You think about it but finally accept the invitation. You tag behind Camille close behind, not skipping a heartbeat. As you guys walk through the thick forest, you see an unfamiliar face. But you could only catch a glimpse it.

What's that? Better said, Who's that? (Me: Ready to find out?!) You: Come at me bro! (Me: Yeah! XD)
Give me my guns... (Me: I took them away for a reason) You: Can I use them for self defense? (Me: I would
rather have you dead.) You: How dare you?! (Me: I'm very powerful... I mean come on! I'm the one making
the quiz, and I could kill you if I wanted too.) You: Yeah, you're right...
Who can that be?! Or even worst... What can that be?! (Me: Scared much?) You: N-no! (Me: Right...)
Bring it! (Me: It's already been brung!) You: That's not even a word... (Me: Don't correct my grammar you
fool!) You: Fine! (Me: You money thief...) You: Hey! We did a bet! (Me: Same thing!)

You shake it off, still with that face lingering in your mind. 'Who could it be?' You think. Then Camille interrupts your thoughts by tugging at your arm gently. "We're here." She says as she looks up to this immense building. Your eyes widen at the sight. It's huge! But Sonic interrupts your thoughts by saying, "Everybody Remember the plan?" Everybody nods, and then they all look at you. "Who are you going to go with?" Sonic asks you.

I'm going with you, Sonic! (Sonic: *Blushes*) (Me: I wanna laugh SO hard... I just can't...)
I'm with Shadow on this one... (Me: You would say that...) You: *Slightly blushes* (Me: Don't try to hide it... I
know you like him...) You: N-n-no I don't! (Me: Don't deny it!)
Where Scourge goes, I follow. (Me: ... I feel like laughing again...) You: *Raises an eyebrow*
I'll go with Silver! (Me: I knew it! You do like him!) You: *Blushes bright red*

And cliffhanger! (Not!) Hope you gals enjoyed! And again, The story will go on in your result! And, sorry it took SO long, I've been busy with A LOT of things lately. But I promise, the next one will come out in a week! So start counting down the days! And sorry it was too short. But I hoped you liked it anyway! See ya on the other side! Later my Elements! (Elements: My folowers)

Later hot shot! (Me: *Raises an eyebrow and walks away)
Bye Swift! (Me: Later!)
See ya! (Me: Bye!)
F*ck you. *Walks away* (Me: ... Well aren't you just peachy! *Says sarcastically*)