What drug are you based on your personality?

This test will determine which drug is most compatible with your personality, and which drug are you likely to enjoy the most based on your personality. Enjoy, and don't take it seriously, since it's just for fun.

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What drug are you based on your personality?
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Do you think about the future often?

Not really, i'm always in the moment, having fun.
Not really, i only plan what i will do next in the near future.
Yes, i can see the far future and i'm a bit psychic.
Yes, i think about the future often
Well, i try to imagine fun things that could happen in the future.
Yeah, i imagine what crime will i do next.
No, i'm usually too busy hanging out with my friends for that
Yeah, and my future is grey just like my present
Sometimes, but i also try to enjoy the present moment

What is life?

Just one big adventure, and the only goal is to have fun, something you should never take seriously
A depressing empty place i would rather not be in
An opportunity to grow and to help others
We are all spirits in human bodies, going through this 'life' which is just another step and something bigger awaits for us
A cool adventure, full of mysteries to be uncovered, a big puzzle
A wild and crazy and paranoid ride! At least for me...
A beautiful place full of lively emotions and interesting people
Well, life is money, power and more money and power for me at least
It's like a video game, getting better at what you do and competing with others

Which character from Alice in wonderland would you be?

Cheshire cat
The caterpillar
White rabbit
The queen of hearts
Mad hatter
The king of hearts
Tweedledum and Tweedledee
None, i'm too weird for this

Which mythical being would you be?


How do other people tend to view you?

People tend to come at me for advice, i take the role of a psychologist often
As annoying, fun, energetic, smart
People tend to be a bit scared of me and see me as an egomaniac
As highly sensitive, a bit of an alien, mysterious
I don't have friends, they were all too scared of me and went away
As a lovely, enthusiastic, positive person
As a cool dude, always up for some fun and funny time and adventure
They respect me because i'm a natural leader and good at mostly everything
As a weird, awkward loner but sort of chill and good natured

When you're alone, what do you think about?

Big questions like why do we exist and what happened before big bang and so on
About my recent adventures with close people
To be honest, i'm scared that i'm gonna go to jail
About how beautiful this world is
Spiritual questions and i meeting myself better
Very strange things i could turn into jokes, or strange/random ideas
About how i could better my business, or skills
The next party where i'm gonna dominate and be in the center of attention
How my life is miserable and how i need to get it together

How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?

Spiritual, highly philosophical
A bit of a loner and edgy
Nutcrack, maniac
Highly friendly, energetic, and bubbly
Intimidating, full of myself, achievement oriented
Intuitive, empathetic
Intelligent, cerebral
Low-key, funny, lazy, relaxed
Hard-working, disciplined

What do you watch on TV?

National Geographic/Discovery
Crime investigation, thrillers, horror, action
I usually just watch the news
Animal planet, documentaries, fantasy
Anything educational that i'm interested in, documentaries
Horror movies, and i also really liked the 2019 Joker movie.
Action movies, something with a lot of dynamics and a lot of gunshots and fights

What do you do in free time?

Nothing at all
Chillax, have a good time with friends.
Think about complicated philosophical issues.
Take long walks in nature
Crazy wild things you can't even imagine
Go to raves/wild parties
Hang out with my group of friends and gossip and chitchat
Argue with people online on irl
Work, or do something productive, even if it's free time