Which Skulduggery Pleasant villain are you?

Have you ever wondered which SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT villain you are most like? Well you can find out here!

published on December 26, 20193 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

Who is your worst enemy?

I have no enemy, I just want
The world!!!!
Valkyrie Cain. It's not fair how she gets everything! She's not on my list, that's for sure.
I just kill for the cash.

What is your magic discipline?

Necromancy! Surprise! 🙄
I'm an elemental. Unusual that I'm a villain but you know... I am what I am.
Magic? I'm better than just magic! I'm a VAMPIRE!
I fall through walls. At least I don't get stuck like Skulduggery. Ha!
I can do any magic I want. I don't have a single discipline.

What's your weapon of choice?

My vampire self.
My many followers.
Weapon? Who needs a weapon when you are as powerful as me? I can attatch my head back on to my body when I'm decapitated! I don't need no weapon.
I am my own weapon.
I use a razor. Yeah.

What is your favourite book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series?

There's a series? Sorry, I died in a war before the series came out.
Bedlam! 'Cause I reveal the massive secret I've kept for years!
Death Bringer!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Stand of Dead Men.
Probs the one where I marry the girl of my dreams... oh wait NO! We don't get a happy ending and I die!

Do you have friends?

I have an alter ego? And her reflection?
I have a girlfriend and I used to have a dad. He gone now tho
FRIENDS??? I'd rather gouge my own eyes out than have friends!
I have friends. They are called Lord Vile, Baron Vengeous and Nefarian Serpine... What do you mean they don't sound like good friends?
I've got other people of my kind.

Do you think you are a villain?

Meh. I prefer the term psychopathic hitman.
No! I nearly saved the world. I also nearly destroyed it but let's pretend that didn't happen...
I let Valkyrie live didn't I? And she saved the world. Many times. But then she became Darquesse... Yeah I think I belong on the list.
I definitely belong on the list. I should be top of the list!

Finally, do you like tacos? (Does affect answer)

I died before tacos existed- what are they?
I'm dead. I eat humans not tacos!
Yeah!!!!! I love tacos!
I have never had them before. Temple food sucks.
Nah. Don't like tacos.