Anime Girl Stereotype Generator

Anime Girl Stereotype Generator

GIRLS ONLY! xD Sorry, but that's the way how it should work. So... let's find out your personality the anime way, shall we?

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So, shall we begin? (P.S This question affects your personality, so answer carefully!)

Can't wait!
*sarcastically* Sure.
What do you mean 'it affects your personality'?
Yipee!! *bounces up and down*
Sure. But beware- if I don't get what I want...
Me : *gulps*
Of course you can.
You mean it! What's the first question?
A quiz? That's sweet. ^_^
Fire away.

I wanted to make this question the last but apparently it came to be the first.

Which scenario sounds most embarrassing to you?

Being so hyper I accidentally hit someone/something
I'm a walking disaster.
Crying in front of someone
Being not allowed access in something I like due to my appearance
Burning the dinner I was making for someone
Being with someone prettier than me
Being proven wrong
Someone pulling my cat ears off my head
Forgetting something
Having to wear a frilly pink princess dress while playing with my little sister -_-

Your worst flaw?

I am far too active.
I get angry easily.
Being too silent.
Pride and Stubbornness
Lack of skill in making decisions.
Too much curiosity.
I get frustrated when I'm the odd one of the group.

Suppose there is a musical event going on. What will you be doing?

Enjoying the music among the crowd- nothing like it!
Act as a normal backup singer while trying to push past the lead singer.
Make sure everything's fine.
Bounce up and down and wait for the singers to finish so I can get their autographs! ^_^
Listening carefully and trying to learn the lyrics.
Being the lead singer and trying to hide the backup fellows so that I can take the credits.
Backstage- Organizing things.
I'm the Meow-J!
Tambourine player, probably. If they have one.
Guitarist. WOOOHOOO!! XD

What type of fragrance do you prefer?

Sweet w. hints of spice
Spicy w. hints of sweetness
Kiddie perfumes
Floral & Elegant
Very light

RP Question: You're forced to wear a traditional kimono for the school fair. Your reaction?

A kimono?*looks appraisingly* All right.
Pleased to learn that they respect Japanese tradition.
How dare they tell what what to do?
Don't tell me I'll have to take an oil paper umbrella as well!
Lovely, isn't it?
Ok... Can I wear cat-ears along with it?
What's a kimono? Is it some sort of cake??
Yipee!! I've only heard of a kimono, but I've never felt how it's like to wear it!
Is it the old 'Cherry Blossom' style again? I'm sick of it!
Excuse me, but don't I have the right to decide what to wear?

XD Ignore the earlier question if you didn't like it...
Ok.. What would you wear if the dress code was any cosplay outfit?

Guro doll
Kindergarten Uniform
Cute witch
Traditional kimono
Dinosaur onesie
Shrine maiden
Cat onesie (MEOW!!)
Gym clothes

At highschool you are/were always:

The first to get a good news.
Copying homework from friends.
Torturing my best friend's best friend.
Rebelling against bullies.
The meanest girl of the bunch.
Munching kitty treats.
Mistaken as a preschooler.
Winning academic awards.
Interested in history classes.
Bullying my friends.

Choose your favorite catchphrase out of these!

"Hey dude, wanna hang later?" *fist bump*
"Don't worry, I'll take care of you!"
"I can assure you, I am 100% correct."
"Fetch me more soda, slave."
"Welcome home~ How was your day?"
"You're such an idiot."
"I'll do anything for that, ANYTHING!!"
"Today's gonna be a great day, I can feel it!"

Keep in mind, "Never live to eat, but eat to live."

Vindaloo Curry
Poison Mushroom
Stuffed peppers
High-sugar sherbet candy ^^
Homemade steak
Poached Eggs
Kitty treats
Peppermint Pills
Energy drinks