Funny Quiz

How funny are you? The quiz is also very funny too. BUH DUH DUH DUHM oh whoops.

published on March 27, 201618 responses 1 1.0★ / 5

Omg giant waaaafle!

-jumps out and down try to eat it-
Nah, quite a disaster.

Your in front of a school class! What do you want to even say idk?

According to the calculator end it with a pie not a fly.(AO: Hahaha!!!)!!!(AO: LOLOLOLOLOLOOLLLLLOOOLOLOLL)
I don't care anyways

What does the fox say?

I don't care about your weird questions!
Dingity Meat meat omg I like saying meat!(AO: Can't Stop Laughing!)
Ding ding super man!(AO: Nice one lol!)

What do you do for your daily life?

Wave to cars!(Annoying Orange: Lol!)
Nothing at all, just doing not so funny things.
Dance babY! What does the orange say?(AO: Yay my song!)

What does the orange say?

Geometry Blast! HOOT!(AO: Wait that's just what I said, LOLOL)
Worth oranges!(AO: And orange pennies! Hahahaha!)