Which Vampire Diaries boy should you date?

Which Vampire Diaries boy should you date?

Choices are Jeremy Gilbert,Stefan or Damon Salvatore,Matt Donovan or Tyler Lockwood. Have fun! :)

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Where do you meet him for the 1st time?

You bump into each other whilst carrying some books in the library
You catch him walking broodingly through a cemetery
He's waiting outside the school in a cool sports car
You see him waiting tables at the local bar
He catches your eye at the sports field

What attracts you to him physically?

his puppy dog eyes!
his charming smile!
his eyes sparkle like hes up to no good ;)
you're a sucker for his blonde hair and baby blue eyes!
he is so athletic!

Hes in your class,how would he catch your attention?

he looks away shyly when he sees you looking,aww
he invites you to sit with him,flashing a smile
hes outside pulling faces at you through the window
he would just keep to himself,that makes you curious to know more!
he whistles at you

Where would you go on a date?

His place
Somewhere beautiful in the countryside
Road trip!
local bar
Football game!

Hes a...?

vampire hunter
good guy vampire
bad boy vampire
er...a normal human?

Who would you prefer as an in law?

Elena gilbert
Damon salvatore
Stefan salvatore
Vicki donovan
none of them!

Which sounds most like your ''type''?

secretive & moody
sweet & compassionate
cheeky chappie
strong & silent
the mans man,tough!

How does he dress? The first time you see him.

Hoody,t's,jeans,a backpack over one shoulder?
smart shirt,casual jeans
dark clothes,leather jacket
tight t shirt ;)
sports gear

How old is he?

hes a little younger than me
in human years hes my age,but in vampire years hes OLD
hes older than me,i like a experienced man
hes my age...
what does it matter? grr...

which VD girl are you most like?

bonnie bennett
elena gilbert
katherine pearce
none of them..they're all...''unnatural''...
caroline forbes