Does luna like you? (1)

Does luna like you? (1)

Ok so this is gonna be about luna my bhna character have fun y'all and good luck

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would you mind luna's stuttering?

not at all its cute
i do mind it its annoying
her stuttering is annoying but uhh its alright i guess

would you comfort luna if she was crying?

aww yes of course
no way she can get over whatever happened to her
idk maybe?

rp time!
you're walking around when you notice that a girl with magenta hair is getting bullied by a bunch of guys and watch as she gets shoved into a wall. what would you do?

save her of course
just stand and watch and maybe join in
idk help? maybe? do nothing?

rp over
what would you do if luna were to suddenly tackle you to the ground?

laugh and hug her
shover her off and growl
lay there and do nothing

whats your least favorite color out of these?