Which Element from The Forest Stories are you?

Which elemental type of magic from my book series The Forest Stories suits you best? Some people in the Forest can have two elements (and on occasion even three!) so if you feel that the element you received wasn't quite right, you can always try the quiz again! Maybe it means you're suited for more than one! © 2004-2014

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What color do you identify with the most?

Silver or Gray
No particular color, or a different color not listed here.

Which of the following natural settings holds the most appeal for you?

A warm, breezy day at the beach, where the sea, sand, and sun are all in harmony.
A clearing in the woods, far removed from everyone and everything, where there's green as far as the eyes can see. You can hear birds chirping.
A secluded cave in the forest where a waterfall runs through, cascading down from the mouth of the cavern. It looks like a great place to explore.
A snow-covered field in winter. All the nearby trees are laden with snow and sparkling with icicles.
In the midst of a thunderstorm, where the sky is covered with dark clouds while flashes of blue and white lightning streak across it.
Soaking in a natural hot spring. Steam is rising up around you and the pool is surrounded by flat, glittering rocks.
By the side of a crackling campfire at night, where every star can be seen in the heavens above.
High atop a mountain with beautiful views of forests, skies, and cliff sides for as far as the eye can see, where every breath is a lung full of fresh, crisp air.
A mysterious cavern where strange, multi-colored crystals grow from the walls. There are several intriguing, winding passages inside.

Which planet or astronomical body intrigues you the most/do you relate to the most?

the Sun
the Moon
the Stars

Which of these meals sounds the most appealing to you?

An early-morning breakfast of fluffy pancakes or crisp waffles with syrup, scrambled eggs, and buttered toast with jam.
Juicy, sweet pieces of chilled fruits and berries.
A medley of steamed vegetables in a delicious sauce of mushrooms.
Freshly grilled fish with herbal seasoning and rice.
Seasoned strips of grilled chicken soaked in lemon.
Sizzling, juicy steak with a side of eggs.
A delicious array of sweets to choose from at your leisure: deluxe chocolates, creamy cold ice cream, thickly-frosted cakes, and candies in every flavor.
Something quick that I can eat on the go/get it over with: a sandwich, toast, cereal, apple; maybe even just a coffee.
None of those really stand out to me; I'd rather make something different on my own.

Which of these words most accurately describes you?

Strong-willed; determined.
Hard-working; reliable
Secretive; mysterious

Of the following, which power or ability would you most want to possess?

Control over an element (water, fire, wind, lightning, ice, plants, earth, etc.)
Heightened senses (hearing, sight, balance, reflexes, etc.)
Teleportation, or the ability to quickly travel from one place to another.
Super strength and/or extra resistance to attacks, injuries, or extreme temperatures
A deep, magical connection to the moon or stars
Enhanced ability to craft or build, through either creating the materials or access to advanced magic
To sense, see, or communicate with things that others cannot, such as creatures and spirits; clairvoyance.
Something different, rare, or unusual.

What is your favorite season?

All the seasons have their good and bad; I like the variety and don't have a favorite.

Would you describe your personality and outlook on life as: Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, or Instinctual?

Emotional: you make decisions based on your heart/what feels right; you greatly value empathy
Spiritual: you do whatever nurtures your soul and the souls of others; beliefs are important to you
Physical: you do whatever feels good and comfortable. Athleticism/exercise might be important to you, or conversely, you might love indulging in food, drink, sleep, and other physical comforts; perhaps both
Mental: you make decisions by drawing logical conclusions; learning and exercising your brain (through creative ventures or problem-solving) are vital for you
Instinctual: you trust your gut instincts and do what you must to survive; you trust the evidence you see before your eyes and use your common sense.