are you the jealous type? (1)

are you the jealous type? (1)

about jellyness and bands and boyfriends and crap and idk what stuff ,

published on September 20, 201518 responses 4

the guy you love is hanging out with his friends and says you cant go with him, what do you do?

tell him he cant go because your worried that he might cheat.
tell him he can go but tell him he has to be home by a certain time.

one of your friends have 2 tickets to a Black Veil Brides concert and they chose someone else to go, what do you do?

tell them if they dont take you you will kill them in there sleep and not be there friend.
tell them that its fine they choose someone else, but in reality you want to stab them in the neck for not taking you.

your mom has 2 kids over for you to hangout with, she bakes them cookies and gives you carrots and ranch, but your mom tells you to serve them, what do you do?

tell the guests the cookies are for you because your mom made them for you.
just ask the guests if you can share with them.

would you rather have 1 or 2 friends?

either is fine
more then that


either way is fine, it was just a suggestion
because i want it to be that way