Which faction do you really belong to? (Divergent Series)

Which faction do you really belong to? (Divergent Series)

This quiz evaluates your strengths, your values and your reactions to different situations in order to find out the faction you really belong to! Note: Actually, we're all divergent, so divergence isn't a result here. This quiz determines the faction you mostly belong to.

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We'll start with some easy questions. Which traits do you value most?

Peace and love
Selflessness and
Honesty and justice
Courage and
Intelligence and

Next question! What is your strongest character trait?

I'm friendly and
forgive others
I'm selfless and
care a lot about
I'm honest and
always stand up to
my opinion.
I'm courageous and
want to protect
I'm smart and keen
on learning.

Nobody is perfect... so what's your biggest flaw?

I'm too gullible and
I care too little
about myself.
I tend to be
impolite and blunt.
I'm sometimes too
I am a bit arrogant
and tend to disdain
others who
(according to my
opinion) are
inferior or worth

Choose the colour that is most appealing to you.

Red and yellow -
bright and pleasant
Grey - an ordinary
but nice colour
Black and white -
colours that
represent the good
and the bad
Black - a dark,
mysterious colour
Blue - a calming
colour that
stimulates the

What do you like doing in your free time?

Enjoying nature,
being creative
(drawing, acting...)
spending time with
your family or
Helping others with
their work and
participating in
Discussing and
talking with others.
Hanging out with
friends, kidding
around and doing
researching and

How would your family or friends describe you?

As friendly and
As selfless and
As honest and
As outgoing and
As smart and

What's your favourite subject in school?

Arts and music
Group projects
Business and law
sociology and

Which of these do you absolutely want to do one day?

Organising a
complete family
reunion, i.e.
inviting every
single (!) family
member in order to
exchange news and
spend time
Participating in a
huge charity
Participating in a
public debate,
discussing about an
important subject.
Skydiving or
bungee jumping!
Visiting a huge
library, or having
the opportunity to
take part in an
experiment (as a
researcher, not as a
subject, obviously).

That may be a strange question... but what does your laugh sound like?

My laugh is happy
and cheerful,
making everyone
around feel good!
I prefer to smile,
because I don't
want to attract too
much attention.
It depends on the
situation... but I
never hide my
My laugh is very
loud and snorting,
and I sometimes
inappropriately in
serious situations.
I rather smirk,
depending on the

You play a game of Truth or Dare with your friends. What do you choose?

Truth, but
depending on the
question, I will lie
to avoid conflict.
In fact, I don't like
this game... I don't
want to reveal too
much about myself.
Truth, and I will be
100 % honest. It's
a great way to tell
something about
yourself and share
funny stories.
Dare of course!
Nothing. There's no
logical need in
playing such a

Imagine: You are working on a group project with your classmate/colleague. You have a great idea which will definitely impress the teacher/boss, but you group partner dislikes it and proposes another idea. You know that your idea is way better, but your group partner insists on his idea. What do you do?

Try to make a
compromise, or to
combine your two
Accept his idea.
You don't want to
start a fight.
Discuss with him.
Maybe I can
convince him, or
vice versa.
Start a fight. You
won't let them get
you down!
Try to convince
him. If that doesn't
work, try to
manipulate him
(lie, make empty

Now let's do the aptitude test! Do you choose the knife or the cheese?

The cheese,
because every
problem can be
solved without
The cheese,
because harming
others is an act of
The knife, but I
don't think I'll
actually use it. Just
to feel safer.
The knife, because
you always need to
be prepared for a
conflict or fight.
The knife, because
it would be foolish
not to try to defend
yourself in an

A snarling dog appears! He seems to be keen on fighting. What do you do?

Feed him a bit of
the cheese, pet him
and try to befriend
Put the cheese in
front of him, then
move away.
Try to talk to him
and calm him
Attack him!
Kneel on the
ground in a
position, closing
your eyes, so the
dog doesn't see
you as a threat.

Suddenly, a little girl appears. You don't know her. The dog becomes aggressive again and wants to attack her. What do you do?

Feed him the rest
of the cheese and
pet him.
Jump in front of the
Continue talking to
the dog and trying
to calm him down.
Defend the little
girl by attacking
the dog.
Tell the girl to kneel
down and close her
eyes, so the dog
doesn't see her as
a threat.

Another scenario: You are sitting in a bus. A man comes to you, points at a photo in his newspaper and asks you if you know the person on the photo. He says that if you knew the person, you would be able to help him. You know the person. Your reaction?

I want to help him,
but first I'll try to
find out more
about that man
before telling him
I tell him the truth,
because it would
probably help him.
I tell him the truth.
Why should he lie,
I tell him firmly
that I don't know
the person on the
This man looks
suspicious... better
apologize and then
ignore him.

The aptitude test is over. Finally, choose a quote that speaks to you!

"You must no
longer think cruel
thoughts. Cruel
thoughts lead to
cruel words, and
hurt you as much
as they hurt their
"Giving is better
than receiving.
Selflessness is the
key to peace."
"Truth makes us
transparent. Truth
makes us strong.
Truth makes us
"We believe in
ordinary acts of
bravery, in the
courage that drives
one person to
stand up for
"Ignorance is
defined not as
stupidity but as
lack of knowledge.
Lack of knowledge
inevitably leads to
lack of