Will it work out with me and him?

This is to see if my crush and I can go together. If you answer to this quiz you can test out if you are any good at giving advice.

published on January 29, 20177 responses 0
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First of all he is funny, says bad words, sometimes acts a little like he is in charge of things, doesn't like being bossed around, is independent, only does things if he as somebody else to do them with (example only goes to gym with a friend not by himself). I am funny in my own way, hate being lonely, very brave, everyone thinks I am an angel but I am capable of getting fiery and saying bad words, and I love keeping myself in shape.
If treat him like he is my equal will he like that and maybe fall in love with me?

Try it at least

Which quote do you think will mostly fit our relationship if it happens? (use the information on my and him to determine this)

Love is treating each other like equals
Love is give and take
Love is spending all your time with someone

What activity will bring us closer?

Making our own talent show
Going to the gym together

Do you think it will work out?

If you work hard

What should be the first thing I say to make him like me?

(say a joke like)
A woman caught her husband on the weight scale, sucking in his stomach.
“That won’t help you, Joe, you know?”
“Oh it helps a lot,” says the man, “it’s the only way I can see the numbers!”
Stop thinking your above everyone cause that is when your friends start rebelling against you, like me, I will rebel.
You need to make a commitment to who you love and what you do. You'd better start making a commitment to the gym work.
I am going to the gym, I am really good at treadmill, and I want to break a record. Wanna come and watch me?
He says: Yes
I am going to the gym, I am really good at treadmill, and I want to break a record. Wanna come and watch me?
He says: No

Pretend you are my friend and he has finally asked me on a date. You are supposed to help me where something good.

Just wear sports clothes and tell him you were exercising and lost track of time. He will like that you are trying to be healthy.
Wear something sparkly that he won't think you will wear, you don't want him thinking he knows everything about you. Catch him off guard.
Wear something old fashioned like a skirt with flower patterns, he might like it.
Wear something cute. Like a thin fluffy tank-top with a skirt, no legging or tights just a skirt. Catch him with your beauty.
Just wear normal clothes, and if he complains say that there are more important things happening today, like going to work. He will like that you admit that he is not the most important part of your life.

Lastly, what would be the next step and do I have to initiate it myself?

Hand contact, let him initiate the hand contact.
Lie your head on his shoulder or lap
When leaving him kiss him on the cheek.