What rank in a wolf pack are u?

What rank in a wolf pack are u?

Are u alpha, omega, elder, beta, or lone-wolf? Find out in this quiz! (I'm alpha)

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Your alpha, a lone-wolf is on your territory, what do u do?

Chase them off! Their on your land!
Kill them. No questions son.
Question them, drive them off after
Ask if they want to start a pack!

U have a crush on 4 wolfs, night is strong, rain is loyal, talon is smart, and twig is brave, who do u pick?

Commit suiside.

Out of these wolfs, who are u?

Midnight, black/purple coat, scars bad temper
Hawk, red/white, patient
Sun, yellowish grey/orangish, smart
Eclipse, white, peaceful
Dapple, grey/white, weak

You see humans, what do u do?

Back away, humans are nothing but trouble
Snarl then back away, your smart but need to prove dominance.
Run up to them, they may have food!

What rank do u want?

ALPHA!!!!!!!!!!!! (Me to bro.)
Beta! (Cool!)
Elder! (K)
Lone-wolf! (Fine)
Omega!!!!! (Uh... u do know that's the lowest rank.....right?)