Safe Escape WWFFY part 3

Safe Escape WWFFY part 3

The guys aren't dumb, you know, they can see something is up and they want to find out what.

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After lunch, you let Sapphire know that you needed to go home. She reluctantly agreed, but not before making you a plate of food to go.
“Do you need one of us to take you?” She asked. You smiled. No, it's alright, I can walk.

*Sonic walks in the room* ?
*Shadow walks in the room* ?
*Silver walks in the room* ?
*Tails walks in the room* ?

“I can walk you, if you want.” He stepped into the room where you and Sapphire were standing.
“That might be best.” Sapphire said “That way, we can make sure you're safe.”

Sonic, what the hell? No!
Damn it Shadow!
I know your being nice Silver, but no
This isn't smart Tails

You furrowed your brow. What were you going to do, walk up to some random house and then have him leave before you make a run for it? Probably. You sighed. Ok. Sapphire announced that you were leaving and everyone came in to say their goodbys
“Nice meeting you, __! Try not to get cornered in anymore back alleys!” Amy playfully said and you smiled.

Haha, I'll try Ams!
yeah, yeah, I got it girlfriend
Nice meeting you too, Amy!
You stay out of trouble yourself :P

“Maybe you can come back sometime. We hang out around here pretty often.” Maria told you. She was very sweet. Amy gave her a hug.
"Yes! That would be great!" You laughed.

Haha, sure...
I'd love to
Of course...

You turned toward Knuckles, who shuffled awkwardly and waved.
“It was nice to have you here for a while, erm, __" You smiled up at him. He's such a sweet guy, you don't know why the others say he's a bit rough. Hotaru ran up and hugged you. You really were going to miss this kid. They were so sweet and seemed to have a very kind heart. You knelt and hugged them back.
“Stay safe. Come back to visit.” She signed. You nodded and ruffled her hair.

Ha, bye Knux, bye Hotaru..
Bye you guys...
Hm...bye :3

You stood up and received a big hug from Sapphire.
“you know are always welcome back here.” She pulled back and smiled at you. “Your 'escort' will make sure you get home safely. Do take care __!" You smiled at everyone, signing a final “Adios” and grabbed up your to-go plate before stepping over to the waiting mobian. He grabbed the door and opened it for you.
“Ready to go?” He asked. You nodded and walked outside with him.

I don't want to go
Leaving seems like a bad idea now
I can't stay. I can't stay.