Which Twilight Character Are You? (5)

Which Twilight Character Are You? (5)

A quiz of personality questions for you to answer. ust click the one that is most like you and we`ll see who you are most like!

published on January 04, 201619 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

Where would you go for the day if it was up to you?

The forest- at the darkest place there.
The park- I love the park!
To a romantic place to be with my love.

Who are your favourite people?

My family.
My mummy and daddy.
My husband and daughter.

Who is your type?

The kind of shy ones, but the ones who status thier love boldly.
I`m not sure I ever want a boyfriend!
The dangerous and fearless.

Why do you not like vampires?

Where do I begin! They`re heartless, they never grow old, they stink!...
I just don`t like the way that half-vampires grow quicker for a couple of years.
I don`t see anything wrong with being a vampire!

Would you like being a vampire?

Sort of.
I would love to!