What starter Pokemon are you? (1)

What starter Pokemon are you? (1)

Find out witch Pokemon are you? Oshawott or Tepig Snivy? Find out with this Quiz! (first quiz please don't hate.)

published on July 24, 201532 responses 5
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Do you like to fight?

Do you like to fight?
YES. but only if there weaker than me.
Yeah but only if there messing with me or my friends.
Usually if they don't respect me or they are being selfish.

Are you proud often?

Are you proud often?
Meh, every now and then.
Definitely! every day of my life!
No, I'm mostly respectful.

Do you boast?

Yeah,only a bit though
No,not really.
Nope, never again mostly respectful.

are you dramatic

Nope, or at least not every day
Yeah, especially when things go wrong or i don't get my way.
No, obviously not, can't you tell that about me?

Are you ambitious?

Yeah,almost every day of my life.
No,almost never in my life.
sort of, i guess.