Which My Little Pony villain are you?

A quiz to know which My Little Pony villain you are... Nightmare Moon, Sunset Shimmer or Trixie?

published on November 30, 201522 responses 2 4.0★ / 5

What is your favorite part of the day?

Night! Calm, Peaceful and the best time to use my powers!
A time in which Night and Day comes together! (What I create with my Magic)
The time between Evening and Night!

What is your favorite color?

Dark Blue!
Turquoise Blue!
Fluorescent Blue!

What is your main target?

To defeat Twilight Sparkle!
To defeat my sister!
To defeat the Elements of Harmony!
To have everything in my way!
To defeat the Crystal Empire!

What is your favorite food? (Magically)

Equestrian Defenses!

Which good pony do you like the least?

Twilight Sparkle!
Princess Celestia!
I like none! (Would anyone like their followers?)
Princess Cadance!

After a sarcastic defeat, will you return?

When I gain enough power!
After a thousand years!
When I need something from them!
If I am freed from being a statue!
Never! If I am destroyed, how can I return?

What is your favorite thing seen on the sky?

The Moon!
The Crescent Moon!
The Sun!
The Evening Sky!