Ultimate <<Which templar are you?>>Assassin's Creed quiz 2015

Ultimate <<Which templar are you?>>Assassin's Creed quiz 2015

All AC fans know what assassin they most resemble, and if you don't, then be sure to check out my <<Which assassin are you?>> quiz. But have you ever wandered what templar would you be if you were on the other side of this century-old conflict? Find out with this quiz! And, as always, have fun and keep stabbing templ... wait!

published on November 17, 201527 responses 3 4.2★ / 5

What weapon would you prefer?

sword, adorned with templar motifs
poisoned pin
Papal Staff
Hidden Blade - the weapon of the enemy, but still cool
I don't need weapons, I have soldiers

You want to take control of an entire city/state. How do you go about it?

Become pope, then I can do what I want
Take control from my father, after I kill him and use my army to rule with an iron fist
Use the city's gangs, take control of the economy, transportation and all important
aspects of society
Use a revolution to build a new nation in my image
Make my enemies destroy each other
Use First Civilization technology to learn everybody's seacrets
I do as my boss says and rule by his side
I don't want to rule, I want revenge

You meet face to face with an assassin. What's your first instinct?

Prepare to fight him head on alone
Use the Papal Staff or an Apple of Eden to make duplicates of myself
I've got a trap set for him, It's all part of the plan...
Try and match his fighting technique
Call for my soldiers and make them fight with me
Watch as my soldiers fight him
Run away,I'm not risking it
With the Shroud, I'm unbeatable! Oh, wait...

Your own men start to disobey, what do you do?

Eliminate them, the others will fall in line
Make them dissapear
Beat them up so they won't do it again
Shoot them in the head
Put them in prison
Threaten them
I don't need men, to many complications, it's best to manipulate other people's armies
They wouldn't dare...

What's more important to you?

Absolute power
My legacy
My boss
Hurting people and revenge
My ideals
My vision for the future
Money and respect

What henchmen do you prefer?

Expert captains
Fanatics, they are easy to control
One strong bodyguard will do
The kind that doesn't ask questions
I don't need anything or anyone

Which quote best describes you?

"You think I believe a single word of that ridiculous book? I became pope because it
gave me power, it gave me access!"
"I control all of this. If I want to live, I live. If I want to take, I take. If I want you to die,
you die!"
"Chains will not hold me. Any more than they will hold my master."
"Apologies, Manuel. Some of these Ottoman prisoners are so... fragile."
"All those innocents slaughtered, and for what? It does not engender peace to cut your
way to resolution!"
"A body enslaved inspires the mind to revolt. But enslave a man's mind and his body
will follow on naturally. Efficiently."
"For centuries we have focused on the trappings of power: the titles of nobility, the
offices of Church and State. Caught in the very lie we crafted to shepherd the masses...
In the wake of revolution, the Order will adapt. They will retreat to the shadows and we
will, at last, be the secret masters that we were meant to be."
"This tea was brought to me from India by a ship, then, up from the harbor to a factory,
where it was packaged and ferried by carriage to my door, unpacked in the larder and
brought upstairs to me. All by men and women who work for me. Who are indebted to
me for their jobs, their time, the very lives they lead. They will work in my factories and
so too shall their children."