Does he like you back? (1)

So there's always that one guy you really like, but your not 100℅ sure he likes you back... This can help give you a better idea and see really if he's the right one... Or not!

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Only based on looks your crush is...

Fit as♥♥♥
OK ...
Not fit!

Your friends...

Can tell he likes you back.
Think he's out of your league!
Don't like him
Always see you flirting with each other

People around you...

Think your dating
Think you and him is not right
See you as best friends
Haven't even seen you and him talk

Every time you see each other

You pull faces at each other
You look the other way
You hug
We look awkwardly at each other for a while

Your conversations are...

Long and funny
Always the best!
Short and awkward
We don't really talk

He's your crush because...

Of how he makes you feel!
He ticks all the boxes!
He looks great!
His personality!

He always...

Has a joke up his sleeve!
Compliments you!
Says hi
Makes you laugh!

One thing you love about him...

His laugh!
His body
His character!
His face

Last but not least!♥ he's the one because:

He makes you look forward to the next day♥
Because you can't get his body out your head!
Because he looks amazing amazing amazing!
Because he could change your day from bad to good ♥♥