Divergent test 2016 (aptitude test)

Divergent test 2016 (aptitude test)

here you will find out what exactly your faction in 2016, although the question is too little, but we would really will determine your faction and secured these tests will reveal the actual faction you have, trust me !

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you want to go to a place where divergent test will be tested. but you are asked to be interviewed bit .what do you do ???

reject reason because you are very busy
give yourself to be interviewed
tell him that you are ready at any time to be interviewed
because I always wanted to help people
you think that if I accept to interview me, I may be too
late to come to the divergent test
because you do not want something friendly and conflict
occurs, you receive for your interview
telling the truth when I interviewed him that I might be
late in coming, so I reject it not because it does not want
but because of the urgent

what you feel before the start of divergent test ???

Yes Mediocre
Suffer a heart attack
Quiet just trying to focus on simulation
tell the truth that you were afraid to start this test
silent because they do not want to start a conflict

you are given a glass of water that blue. what you feel after drinking ?? (Imagine you drink)

it feels very strange
it seems to make me dizzy
It feels so sweet! although the color is weird
It feels normal, such as drinking water
It feels very piercing my brain that my mind distracted
it seems confusing,not bitter, not salty, not sour, but it felt
like a paper did not feel anything!

simulation begins. you are now in an empty room with only one table on which there is a gun, books, old paper rips, injectable anesthetic, cheese, small but sharp timber and you are given 5 seconds to select it . What you choose ???

A Gun
A books
A old paper rips
A injectable anesthetic
A cheese
A small timber but sharp
you do not choose none on the table because you did not
get chosen

Simulation change. Now you're stuck in a small shed very narrow up until you have trouble breathing. What are you doing???

trying to be calm and concentrated and began to open the
books that you selected earlier there may be no guide!
you nervous because you're afraid locked up but you still
looking for something that is sharp objects and hard so
that you can open the door of the warehouse.
You resigned to it
you speechless and could not do anything. but you can
only eat the cheese that you selected earlier so as not to
you make a fair decision by injecting the anesthetic before
injecting into your body so you can fall asleep soundly and
did not think that you are trapped in a small shed very
You think maybe I can break a small warehouse because
this is not real!

simulating a change. Now you are asked to choose one of your favorite things. whether you choose ??

Remote control
Colorful pen
black pen not colored
glass so that I can know further how the look on my face

simulating a change. This time you are asked to choose which one is your favorite food. What you choose ???

salmon fish
Vegetables bright
dencis fish and white rice (regular meals)
Grilled chicken
fried rice
fast food such as instant noodle

simulating a change. This time you are asked to choose one among favorite your pet. What you choose ???

funny cat
ordinary cat
bulldog wild
golden dog
dogs that are not too expensive
mongrel west

last simulation. Last time you are asked to choose a job that you like among the following options !. What you choose ???

judges and lawyers
nurses and doctors
Scientists and researchers
clown, entertaining people when sad or happy
Police and soldiers

the simulation is complete, you wake up. what you immediately tell your supervisor?

Stop !!!! do not tell me because I already know what my
faction correct.
You just keep quiet straighten your mind
I quickly tell what faction!
What? whether factions me ??
direct you immediately see the glass and say this is a real
Resigned themselves to the decision, but you still accept it
for what