Which SCP are you?

Which SCP are you?

Find out what SCP you are! There's quite a few in here, so, enjoy the quiz!

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*Someone is staring at you*

*Doesn't move*
What the hell are you looking at?!?!?!
*Walk forward, touch them, then dissect their corpse*
*tilts head creepily*
*Goes traumatic, runs at them, kills them*

*someone has their back turned to you*

*snap their neck* ~Crackk!~
*steps slightly closer*
*Continue to weep in your corner*
*kills them*
*touches them and dissects them*

SCP Scientist: "why do you kill people?"

"Kill? I don't kill. I am the cure."
Because its fun
*goes traumatic and kills scientist
*backs into the shadows*

Weapon of choice?

Scalpel, but it's a tool, not a weapon...
*tilts head eerily*
My JAWS! *eats*

More Questions coming soon! Did you like it so far?

*tilts head creepily*