Are you 'Cool'?

Are you 'Cool'?

Are you cool? Take this quiz to find out if your cool or a bit awkward.

published on May 19, 201739 responses 12 4.8★ / 5

You fall down while walking on the school steps and everyone sees, then starts laughing. You...

Laugh at yourself! Ut was
friggin' funny!
<Thinks:Oh man..!>
Get up and walk away quickly
Shrug. Oh well.

While at a great party, Someone trips and spills soda/food/other stain causer on your white clothes. You...

Say "Dang it!" Then flip out.
Say "Crap." Then go to the bathroom and clean up.
Yell, "Food fight!" Then grab the nearest piece of food and have at it.

A little kid wont stop kicking the back of the seat on the plane. Youre very tired, and the kid drew the last straw when he/she threw a chili-covered burrito in your lap. You...

Ask the parents/guardians to control the child.
Shrug. You used to be a kid too. That, and Free food is the best kind!
Flip out. I mean, come ON! A little concederation please!!!

Your bf/gf texts 'I luv U' but you planned on breaking up with them. You...

Answer back with a ton of break-up jokes, THEN tell them
Let them down gently.
Just straight up say youre breaking up with them.

You forgot to put on a belt this morning and when you stand up in class, your pants fall down. You...

Jump to pull them back up! Man, of all the rotten luck..!
Swing your hips and start singing 'Happy Birthday' regardless of the reaction
Stand their in shock.
Man, this is embarrasing...