Does he like you? (13)

A simple quiz to help you if you are in troubled water. Or even if you want to find out if the guy you are dating is true love or not meant to be.

published on January 03, 201629 responses 2
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Do you ever hang out?

NNNNNNoooooooo I just took this quiz for fun
No sadly:(
Sometimes but only for a little bit

Does he ever stare at you?

All the time!
Sometimes and I catch him
He does not know i exsist
We stare into each other's eyes during class

How often do you see each other?

In the hallway sometimes
In class but he ignores me
All the time!!!

If you fell down, what would he do?

Laugh and point at you
Say are you okay but then walk away
Run over and help you up
If he is near he will help you up

How does he act toward you?

Like I'm not even there
Nice when alone but with friends he is a jerk
Sweet but friendly
Like how every boyfriend acts to his girlfriend

What do your parents think of him?

Never meet him
Hate him and never want him back in their house
He is okay just like all the other boys they have meet in their lifetime
Love him like he is their son and welcomes him over anytime!

Does he get along well with your friends?

They absoutely hate him
They have never met him
They think he is great and that you two are totally meant to be
They like him sometimes but sometimes they can not stand him

Were you guys friends before you were dating?

We are not dating
Childhood friends
For a year or two
For a week or a month

Have you ever talked about your future together?

Nope never I barely speak to him
Once but then the subject was just dropped
Some but not a lot just every once in a while
All the time and we totally agree on everything

Okay last and final question has he ever asked for your email or number?

Never not once
Once or twice... I think
Couple times and I told him of course
Ya and we talk a lot by either texting or calling each other