What Emoji are you ?

Let's see your result on this quiz and if you get what you get that's the emoji that describes you most ! Have fun!

published on December 05, 201544 responses 19 5.0★ / 5


105 is the answer!!!!
I'm too cool for this and now let's move on!!!!
I'm too sick for this !!!!
Go away,Kendall!!!!
Leave me I'm sad!!!!

What's your summer hobby ?

Going to the beach and having fun!!!!
Staying at home practicing reading skills for school....I guess
Bieng sick !!!! Tee hee hee!!!!
Stay at home and deal with tough times!!!! Give me a break !!!!
Leave me alone I said!!!!

Your style:

Wearing Sunglasses with a smile on my face
Wearing glasses and bunny teeth
Having a thermometer in my mouth
Looking Blue
Bieng Angry

What song fits you best ?

" Time of our lives" by Pitbull
"The blues"
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ....that use to be my favorite song but now music is boring
I'm sick I said!!!!
Leave me alone if you don't I'll kill you!!!!

What is your favorite color ?

Nerdy glasses black
Sick Green

What kind of image fits you best ?

Me in the Sun bieng happy !!!!
Bieng in the rain !!!!
Dying in a fire cause I hate my life!!!!
Bieng sick in bed!!!!
Bieng in school learning!!!!