Which member of Pentatonix are you?

Which member of Pentatonix are you?

Find out which member of PTX you are identical to! were adding more words because it told us too.

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What is your favorite drink?

Root Beer
BBQ (if considered a drink)

What is your favorite animal?


You're hungry......what snack do you get?

Order japanese
A WHOLE buffet
Nigerian food

You decide to watch a movie with your bestie! What movie do you go for?

Star Wars
Any scary movie
Pentatonix Documentary
Pokemon movies
The Hobbit movies

Favorite color?

Any Dark colors
Rustic folk
Can't decide, love them all!

You're bored and decide to go do something.....what do you do?

Want to go to the club, but is too lazy, so just stays in bed all day
Stays at home and plays with pups
Try all the BBQ sauces in the world
Go to church
Go to the club and get drunk

Who is your favorite member of PTX?!

Avi-ously Avi!
I am definitely a Mitchaholic 4 life!
K.O. KILLS at beatboxing!
Scotty McHottie 4 sure!
Kirstie is perfect, and I LOVE HER!