What Ford Model are You?

What Ford Model are You?

Are you a Mustang? A Fusion? Maybe even a Flex? Take this quiz to find out! For all female Ford fans! Leave a comment to help me make better quizzes in the future! Requests are available!

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What mostly describes you?

What mostly describes you?
Chill, modern, intelligent
Adventurous, brave, charming
Classy, elegant, smart
Partier, fun, excited
Bold, strong, confident
Glamorous, headstrong, risk taker
Tough, brawny, defiant

How much do you like Ford?

How much do you like Ford?
#FordFan4ever! (I love you!)
Love them!
They're cool.
I guess I like them...kind of...
I don't like them.
Me?! Liking Ford?! Never! Chevy forever!

Do you obey the speed limit?

Do you obey the speed limit?
HAHAHA....What speed limit?
Sure, sometimes...maybe not...
Yeah, but it's okay to go over sometimes.
I don't, but hey, you only live once!
I always do. Speed limits are designed to
keep us safe.
Of course I I do! You miss all the beauty of
the city if you speed by it!

Do you (or did you) enjoy school?

Do you (or did you) enjoy school?
I HATE school! I'm missing out on all the
fun things in this world! YOLO!
I don't like school, but its going to get me
somewhere in life.
School is for nerds. I'm going to live on the
back roads, living the relaxing life.
School is very important to my high
education career. I enjoy the feeling of
Not if it means missing out on all the fun
I'm okay with school. But I hate it at the
same time.....
I guess it's ok.

What sounds the most fun to you?

A thrilling round around a racetrack in a really fast car.
A crazy rollercoaster!
A competitive match of volleyball.
A night out in the city.
A camping trip.
Two words. Netflix and chill.
A hike in the mountains.

Pick your favorite word on this list.


What's your favorite thing off of this list?

The city.
Cars!!!! Really fast and loud cars!!!!
Woodland and forests.
Driving on the mud!!!!!
The newest and best technology.