uch sWhich Pet Would You Have?

Do you want a pet? I can tell you which pet is best for you! It really depends on how much space and time you have.

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How much time can you spend with your pet?

About in hour every day.
I have to hang out with my pet?
A few minutes every day.
A lot!

It depends on how responsible you are.

I'm responsible!
Pffft! Who says we have to be responsible! Oh, you were serious?

How much space do you have inside your house?

I live in a studio apartment
I live in a medium sized apartment
I live in a house!
I live on a farm!

Do you like little kids?

Yeah, who doesn't!

What pet would you like?

Cat or dog
A farm animal
Some sort of small animal
I don't know.

How old are you? That matters too.

I'm a kid.
I'm a teen!
I'm an adult.
I don't want to answer that.

How much can you spend for food and treats?

As much as my pet needs!
I thought my pet would just catch food!
I'll get new food when we run out.
I'll get new food when we run out. And once every week I'll get a special treat for my pet.

Are you noisy?

Who isn't!
No, not really.

How much space do you have in your backyard?

A lot!
Medium sized.
A small space.
I don't have a backyard...