Attack on titan: who is your SNK sibling ?

Attack on titan: who is your SNK sibling ?

Find out who your attack on titan sibiling(s) is/are ! I didn't see any quizzes like these so I decided to make one ! Hope you enjoy it

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If a titan grabbed your friend and she/he was about to get eaten would you rescue her/him ?

If a titan grabbed your friend and she/he was about to get eaten would you rescue her/him ?
Yeah of course I will ! I mean we're friends !
I guess...
No, I was just a fake friend
Me: what is wrong with you ?!
But I'll get blood on my hands !!!
Heck yeah I will

Your brother/sister was being bullied by someone ! What do you do ?

help him/her !
I'll call someone to help
I'll just watch, he's/she's mean to me anyway
I'll punch the bully !
I'll swear at the bully until he runs away

What is your favorite color *hides behind Mikasa*

Red, like titans blood !
The rainbow !!!
Any bright colors ! :)
None of these...

Are your parents abusive ?

Well sometimes...
Kind of
Not really
Me:aw you poor thing

Do you like video games ?

Yes !!! Video games are AWESOME !!!
Me: YEAH !!!
No,I hate them
Me:*pulls out sword and points it at you*
You: u-uh w-what are you d-doing ?
there ok
Um...I don't play video that ok ?

Do you watch attack on titan ?

Yes !!! I love that show
What is that ?
Does it have blood in it ?
Me: yeah kind of...why ?

Rp time !!!!

Yay !
Boo :/
Let's get this thing started !!!
I hate rp
Me: I will hurt you...

You live in shinganshinia.
It was a normal average day when all of a sudden your thrown against the wall !
You get punched in the face a couple of times and kicked in the shin,your sister/brother then punches the bully in the face and says "are you ok (y/n) ?"

"Y-yeah I think so..thanks bro/sis.."
"No problem !"
"Yes..thank you.."
"You could have came here sooner !!!"
Your brother/sister then punches you and walks away
"Why do I get bullied.."
"I'm not sure.." 'That didn't answer my question.. '

(Whatever answer you chose..)
Your brother/sister helped you up and the two of you walked back to your house.
Your mother heard the door open "welcome home !" She said as she kissed both of your foreheads.
You walked up to your room and lied down on your bed.your brother/sister walked in with the first aid kit.

"What's that for"
"For your cuts" said your brother /sister as he/she crouched down and put band aids on your cuts
"What the heck are you doing here ?!"
"I'm just trying to help you..."
Your brother/sister put band aids on your cuts
"Thank you.." You whispered as your sister/brother put band aids on
"Your welcome"
After you have your band aids on you hugged your brother/sister
He/she blushed

A few hours later you heard a loud explosion
You then ran outside a saw a giant red hand on the wall and then a titan face.

"Ah !!! A titan !!!"
"That titan doesn't scare me !"
"N-no a t-t-titan..."
You: *starts crying*
"I'm scared...I don't want to die..."
"That wall is too could that titan.."

All of a sudden titans got in and you ran back to your house and saw your brother/sister in a titans hand.

*you start crying*
"It's ok !"
"No it's not your in a titans hands !"
*start screaming*
*throws rocks at the titan*
"NO !!!!" You scream
"Where's mom ?"

Someone then stabbed the titan in the neck and your brother/sister was saved

*you bury your head in your brother/sister's chest and start crying*
"It's ok I'm safe now there's no need to cry"
*you start crying*
"It's ok !"
"W-where's mom"
"I-I thought you were going to die !"

You and your brother/sister quickly run out of there and onto a boat.

'Wheres mom ?' You thought
*your still crying*