Are you a rich person, an average person, or a poor person?

Are you a rich person, an average person, or a poor person?

This quiz would tell you if you are rich or poor. Do the quiz to find out!

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You wake up...

On your giant couch ( which is a bed )
On your bed.
On someone else old bed the owner doesn't want
On the floor!
On a together bed!
On a tiny all-family bed!

Oh look, your favourite TV show is on!

You watch it.
You activate " Watch 24 hours" and watch it.
I don't have a TV.
Go to your neighbours house and watch there!

Oh look! You get to see a sports game!

I can't afford it because it is pretty expensive for my whole family!
I rather play in it!
The food is more important than the game!
I rather watch it on TV in a restaurant.
I can pay to go inside, even though it is expensive myself.
I rather NOT watch it.
I rather watch another sport.

Time to eat lunch!

Go to a buffet!
Eat in a restaurant!
Eat at home!
Eat at a hot dog stand!
Eat grass!

What foods do you have?

Spaghetti sprinkled with cheese and pasta sauce and meatballs!
Some of our leftovers.
Noodles in soup!

A friend invites you over to their for a slumber party.

Yes! If they have food for the family!
I have a better party! I invite YOU over!
No, life is more important!
There must be a lot of people!

Its time to do something fun! Lets play a game!

I am the boss and I'm the leader!
I can be the leader but I would let you go first.
I rather not be the leader because I'm afraid I'll mess up!
I can be the SUB leader.

A friend asks you if you brought food.

I brought over so much food for us!
I didn't bring food.
I brought SOME food such as a bag of chips.
I rather dig in first!
I don't want to eat.

It is time for bed.

I brought my OWN bed!
I have a sleeping bag!
I can sleep on the floor near the heat condition.
I sleep in the washroom in case I have wet dreams.
I can borrow someone else sleeping bag.

Your done.

Time to go back to my tree house.
All done already?!