Would you survive the Dalek invasion?

This is a quiz that shows whether or not you will survive the invasion of Daleks! Enjoy;)

published on November 04, 201422 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

Rp Time- You walk out side an here a loud EXTERMINATE and see people drop dead, what do you do?

Run for my life
Hide my little sister and direct them away from my house
Run around yelling "DOCTOR"
Join them in the killing spree

The you hear a weezing noise and see the TARDIS appear, What do you do?

Run and try to distract the Daleks still
You burn it with fire! >:)
Hide from a distance and watch

A Dalek bursts into your house and you hear your sisters scream, what do you do?

Run and say screw her
Run in and jump in front of her
Scream for The Doctor and then run
Go in blow up the Dalek and leave

You go in side and see a Dalek yelling EXTERMINATE while pointing a gun at your sister. you do what?

Kill her first
Scream and charge the Dalek
Hide and silently sob
Help her

The Doctor kills the Dalek and your family is safe, what do you do now?

They died dumbo
Tell the doctor you will help stop invasion then go and travel with him
Go back to distracting Daleks

You run with the doctor and find the head Dalek, what do you do?

Help the Head Dalek
Wait for The Doctors instructions
Im hidding
I died distracting the Daleks

A Dalek shoots at The Doctor, what do you do then?

Laugh like a lunitic
Still dead
Hide and sob
Jump in front of him

Before it hits you the ray evaporates, reaction?

Cry that it didn't kill The Doctor
Laugh at the Head Dalek
Still dead moron
Leave hiding place and destroy Dalek

He shows you home and asks if you want to travel with him, what do you say?

Dead still
No ill stay home


Doctor forever