Which alien race are you?

Which alien race are you?

Which alien race are you? (I made up the majority of these by the way.)

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How would you describe yourself?

Depends on the day or my
I'm known to be mean...
I'm friendly and outgoing.
Eh. IDK.
My personality changes quite a lot.
I can be rude at first but you have to know me to like me.

How would you describe your home planet? (If you really were an alien.)

Uh, which planet? 0_0
It's okay. It's a lot like Earth but much better.
It's....not the best place to live but hey...
It's pretty bad.
It's amazing!
Pretty good. ^^

What do you think of humans? (Let's pretend you're not.)

I despise them.
I don't like them much but not all of them are bad right?
They're awesome!
I've never actually met one before.
They're okay.
Some are fine but I kinda hate most of them.

What's your main food source?

Meat! >:D
Fruit. That's it.
Fruit, vegetables, meat, candy....
I'm basically like a human..
I don't need food to live.
Anything, expect for meats.

Which stands out more to you?

Food. :D

Which language sounds more interesting to you?

(Random letters, numbers.)
(Replacing numbers with letters.)
(English words backwards.)
Hw ae u.
(Basically just take one letter away.)
R u ok.
(Speech text.)
Uh, I don't know. English? German? Italian? Chinese?

How important is technology for you?

Very! My life depends on it!
It's important but I can manage without it.
What's technology?
It's somewhat important.
Not important at all.

Which pet would you like to have? (Non-real.)

(A dog, fish, horse, zebra and an alligator all at once.)
Do mermaids count?
Can I just have a normal pet? If so, I would like a dog or a cat. Maybe even a fish.
No pets.

Thank-You for taking this. ❤️

Lastly, what kind of spaceship would you like?

A normal one.
One that looks like a car.
A square one because I'm different. :P
Uhm, no space ship? We could just fly through outter space?
I wouldn't need one.
Too lazy to work it.
Any kind, as long as it worked and wouldn't break down.
Any other kind?