what does skye think of you?

what does skye think of you?

hey-o! i just made yet another "what does N/A think of you?" quiz.yeah im gonna be doing those things a lot :3

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skye:do you like inventing?

You:oh heck yes!
You:sure its cool!
You:eh who needs stupid inventions?

Skye:do you like aircraft?

You:yeah! lets take to the sky!
You:yeah its a pretty good thing to have
skye:i agree
You:does it involve dropping you on a rock?!
Skye:*eyes turn red* i swear if i have to get up from here-
Me:whoa calm down! *thinks:please let there not be any blood*

skye:what do you think of KND?

You:uh like the awesomeiest group evah!!
You:its pretty cool i guess
You:pfffft i can beat those brats easy!
Skye:are you part of the teen ninjas?

Skye:if you were in KND which numbuh would you choose?

You:numbuh 6!
skye:cool just like me!
You:any numbuh i guess
Skye;okay thats cool
You:none i hate KND!

skye:which group would you join?

You:KND duh!
Skye: :D
You:Teen ninjas or the adults!
Skye:*points weapon* back off villain!!

Skye:well thats all the time we have for right now so peace out fellow operatives!

You:bye and this was awesome!
You:bye bye!
Skye: :3
you:*runs out the door*
Skye:jerk -_-