What Type Of Day Are You Having

What Type Of Day Are You Having

The answer may seem obvious, but maybe not. Find exactly what type of day you are having, or you already had. If you like please share, and if you like a lot of my work please follow.

published on December 29, 201454 responses 10
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Let's say you find a potential love interest today (if you're not single pretend you are for this question) what do you do, or how do you feel about it?

You try really hard not to mess it up(you're convinced you will)
This NEVER would of happened today
You can't really say much
You talk to them a lot, and don't think about what could go wrong (you're convinced nothing will)
You talk to them like normal, or treat them like the stranger they are

What type of friend would you like to hang out with today

A friend who can keep up with you today
A friend with NOTHING to do today
A friend who can really cheer you up
A friend who's always ready to hit the town, or do your favorite hobbies with you
A typical best friend

A homeless cat scratches you today , which answer choice would you most likely think?

That's one thing to happen today
Not the weirdest thing to happen today
This is probably just a 1-time thing
I should have stayed in today
Why do things like this keep happening

What is least likely to happen specifically today?

Some weird, or surprising event happens today out of like no-where
You have ZERO plans, and don't have much to do
You find a snack you really like but is incredibly hard to find, and you've finally found it after searching a while
You do a long series of events
You leave your wallet, anything else you keep your money in, or all the money on you behind at somewhere you go

What is something that would most likely happen to you today?

You accidently leave your phone at home
The store is out of what you went to buy
You find 10 dollars on the street
Today feels just like yesterday
You watch or play something for 3 hours (or more) without stopping

Which of the things listed do you need most today?

Good luck
None of the other choices
A break!
A good movie, TV show, or anime to watch
A friend

Your friends want to go out today, what do you do?

Another fun thing to do today
Agree to go because you need a good time today
Don't go
It's another plan for today
Just go, gives you something to do

If you had to do one of these things today which one would it be?

Sing karaoke in front of your friends( and a bunch of strangers)
Watch a movie you've seen like 100 times
TRY to fix a mistake you made
Grab a snack and watch your favorite show
Sit and do nothing

What do you want to do today the most?

Listen to your favorite music
Sleep, or sit around
A common hobby
Go have fun
Take a break!