Attack of the templars?assassins creed

This is a quiz to see if you can survive the attack of the templars/it is hard to survive

published on May 28, 201418 responses 1
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you see your friend needs help what will you do

help him

your Armour breaks what will you do

fix it yourself
run away
take it off and fight
bring it to a blacksmith

one of your fellow assassins asks you to help look for his mother what will you do

help him look for his mother
tell him know and have him follow you
dont help him

your captain is being tortured what will you do

rally your fellow assassins and kill the templars torturing your captain
run away and leave him to die
help him

the assassins are ordering a retreat what will you do

stay and fight for your freedoom
go with the retreat

You hear yelling outside what do you do

run outside
stay inside