What type of anime Character are you?

Just a little quiz to test see what type of character you would be in a anime :P For females only sry!

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You see a cat with its kittens crossing the street, a drunk driver is coming at a fast speed? What do you do?

Jump in front of the truck! Gotta save that cat!
Eh it doesn't matter to me it should save itself if it wants to live.
Scream to scare it away.
Throw a rock at the window and hit the driver to try to stop him from driving.
Ignore it and walk on by.

What type of friends do you hang out with.

Silly People that make tons of funny weird jokes.
Popular Pretty ones. Mainly me though.
Mainly guys a few girls...
I Don't hang out with anyone "friends" are worthless.
I Hang out with mainly teachers. A Few fellow classmates here and there.

Alright lets role play!

Can we just get this over with?
Umm alright.
Alright but please make it quick.

Whats your favorite color?

Anything Light
Dark purple

Alright so your friend is stealing stuff from people,what do you do?

Help her then we BOTH can get more stuff.
Try to stop her in one way or another
Punch her and try to knock her out of it.
Cry ,hug her, and ask her what happened.
Ignore her. Let her do whatever. Not that i have any friends anyways.

How would you die?

Being murdered
I Wont die i'm to fab.
From laughing to much.
In battle.
From sleeping to much.

A Girl is bullying your friend, what do you do?

Leave her alone, and how many times do i have to tell you, I HAVE NO "FRIENDS".
Bully my friend to :P There must be a reason why, besides i was just using her.
Stick up for her.
Run to her and talk to her but ignore the bully.
Ask the bully to please stop.

Favorite food?

Anything not messy.
Anything not sweet

Favorite subject?

I Hate every subject.
Does Gym count?
Looking out the window.
Being cute.

You get a new puppy, what do you name it?

My name.

What is your ideal guy?

Cute, Tall and popular
I Would probably say, active, funny and smart.
Any guy is alright.
Tall and handsome.

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums.

Oh what sham that you came here with some one.

Whats your favorite type of ice cream?

Chocolate with chocolate chips covered in fugde
Vanilla on a cone.
Strawberry with a cute strawberry bow.
I Don't like ice cream.
Chocolate and vanilla in stripes like a soccer ball

Only one answer leads to something else! Chose wisely!

Whats 9+10?

19 Duh.
Gold chainz
I Don't know i'm not good at math.

Alright last question!

Finally! A Year later.
Yay woot woot?