Do you value women?

Do you value women?

Find out if you value and appreciate women or if you're just a jerk who doesn't ;)

published on March 30, 201622 responses 4
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Do you look at other women and hide it from you partner?

Sometimes... there's no harm in that
I have the freedom to do it. My partner and I have a strong marriage and we communicate about it and trust each other.

When you see nude pictures of women, what is the thing that crosses you mind?

Eww... that's just nasty! How get so low to expose their body like that?
I appreciate their beauty in a lustful way
I wonder if those pictures are stolen... poor women, they most feel so embarrassed to have know some low life stole their pictures.
I appreciate their beauty, the world is lucky to have women with such beauty.

If someone tells you that the woman you are dating is a whore or a slut and that she does whatever in bed, what goes through your head?

Wow! This person is such a jerk! How can he disrespect the name of a woman like that?
Wow! She is worthless, I should dump her right away.
What the hell this person is talking about, she is AMAZING! So sad that some people do not appreciate how lucky they are by having intimacy with such beauty. She is so worth keeping. I don't care about the past.
I'll just laugh about it, screw her and then dump her ass.... she is just an sex object and I shall treat her as such.

Are you honest or dishonest?

I am 100% honest
I am 50% honest
I hide stuff
I don't see why there's a need to hide anything

How do you see women?

I see them as sex objects
I see them as a precious being, full of worth.... like a precious diamond.
They belong at the house raising kids, cooking and cleaning and satisfying men's needs
Woman are special and powerful and we should appreciate them more

Do you think that women should be hit?

Yes, women should know who is the man in the house
No, Never! Men are not men if they hit a woman
If she can hit a man, I can hit a woman
Even if she hits me, I rather talk things through or leave her, than hit her back

What do you like about a woman?

her body, I'm sexual
I notice her personality first
Her intelligence, I admire bright woman
That I can control her and that she would do whatever I say