does your crush loves you? (1)

WARNING:this quiz is for GIRLS ONLY! This quiz is just to let you know that do your crush loves you. Hope you good luck:)

published on June 28, 201515 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

is you and your crush in the same school?

no idea

do you catch your crush staring at you?

yes all the time
he never stars at me

does your crush talk to your friends about you?

I have no idea
there was once this time...
definitely! all the times

does he talk to other girl?

yes!a lot
not all the times
never! he only talks to me

when you talk to other boys, does this makes him jealous?

he doesn't care about that
yes! totally

does he tell you jokes to make you laugh?

yes! all the times
sadly no

when you tell him joke...

even it is not funny he still laughs at it
he just ignore me

do you two talks a lot?

yes! a lot
we never talked

OK! tell me the truth, are you a boy?

uh... no

do you think your crush likes you? LAST QUESTION

not sure
don't know
sadly, no:(