What Animal Are You? (65)

What Animal Are You? (65)

Are you a Cat,Dog,Bunny,or Lizard? Find out by doing this quiz, Then you will know what animal you are!

published on May 04, 20175 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

Do you like to hop?

Yes! I love to hop so much!
I like to hop some times.
I like to hop with my friends.
I hate to hop.

Are you quite?

I am very quite,I almost never talk.
I'm quite,But i wish I was louder!
I talk every so often.
I talk alot!

Are you lazy?

So lazy.
Not very much.

Whats your favorite animal out of these?


Are you wild or crazy?

Im wild.
Im both.
Im neither
Im crazy.