Which Weaponry Character Are You?

Which Weaponry Character Are You?

In the world of Uphelios, life on the High Seas is a complicated game of intrigue, rebellion, strategy and violence. There are as many reasons to be a pirate as there are ways to survive this salty lifestyle. Let's find out which one of the Weaponry crew you'd be! You can read Weaponry Here: http://weaponry.smackjeeves.com/comics/1414316/weaponry-academy-page-1/

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What animal do you associate with the most?

What animal do you associate with the most?
Cat - elegant and graceful
Serpent - clever and efficient
Owl - wise and observant
Armadillo - versatile and under-appreciated
Crocodile - unpredictable and deadly
Tiger - fierce and skilled
Dog - loyal and carefree
Dolphin - playful and sensuous
Mouse - timid and shy
Eagle - astute and regal

What one word would others use to describe you?

What one word would others use to describe you?

What would tempt you into a life of piracy?

What would tempt you into a life of piracy?
A life without authority. Whether on the run or marching to your own drum, you’ve always been a wild child.
You'd follow your love into the depths of hell and fight off the harpies bare-handed if you had to.
Freedom! Finally a place where you can be your own person without preconceived judgement.
You would do anything to break away from the rigid morals which raised you to be repressed and miserable. It's a form of release.
You'd never willingly break the law. But in foul circumstances you may as well make the best of a bad situation.
Money for nothing and your chicks for free? You've got the wits and the wiles to live well and long in unsavoury business ventures.
It seems so charming and adventurous! All that quaint "elbow grease" and "camaraderie" – what a lovely change of pace!
You ran out of land to flee across. A ship that keeps you moving is a good way not to be found.
To make your father proud. After all, everyone says you have such potential, might as well make something of your talents.
Just because you were born into it doesn't mean you need to conform. You'll eke out your own territory, using your own methods.

What is your best quality?

What is your best quality?
Your vast intellect. You take great joy in knowledge, are happy to teach others, and are never pompous.
You’re extremely talented. Even if others don't like you, they can respect and admire your skill - and that's all you care about.
You’re an individual. You listen to your heart and are not at all concerned with what others think of you.
You’re fearless! And not for lack of trying - you've lived more than most your age and won't stop 'til you’re dead.
You’re indefatigable. Nothing dissuades you or keeps you down for long.
Your unwavering loyalty. You stand by your lover/friends with no cares for your own wellbeing until you know they are safe and happy.
Your morals are strong and true. Nothing can corrupt your sense of right action.
You’re able to face any situation with a smile. Even when you’re breaking on the inside you always seem composed.
You can see all sides in any dispute, and can easily advocate any angle. You are fluid, easily adapting to all situations.
You've got a heart of gold. Generous, kind, compassionate and cheerful, you make everyone feel a little lighter.

What is your most guarded secret?

Your loved ones are your one true weakness.
You have no secrets. You wear your heart on your sleeve and speak plainly. You’re not ashamed of who you are.
You’re afraid of making a mistake. You fear all your hard work will amount to nothing or come crashing down around you.
That it's all an act. Inside you’re quite simple, often scared and a little lonely, but you feel you have to keep up appearances.
That you’re actually someone very important. You don't want people to know your secrets in case they start treating you differently.
You have many regrets. You can't help but look back and wonder how your life would have been if you hadn't made certain mistakes.
The evil inside you. You think terrible thoughts, have awful urges and sometimes you just can't deny yourself.
Oftentimes you doubt you deserve to keep breathing. Your self-loathing makes you sick and unsteady.
That after all your hard words and brazen actions - you just want to be loved.
You’re actually extremely selfish. You’re always working an angle, wondering what use others are to you, judging their value.

You have a problem with a co-worker. How do you deal with it?

Compromise. Surely there's a way to make you both happy. You'll work hard until you find it.
Berate them for their faults. Try to convince them to change their ways, with violence if necessary.
Pick a fight. You'll both get it out of your systems and feel much better.
Confront them, firmly and harshly. Your tolerance and patience are extremely generous; if they cross you, they've officially gone too far.
Pretend everything is fine whilst you plot a brilliant way to exact your revenge.
Laugh it off. Life's too short to get hung up on petty problems.
Explain to yourself their point of view until you've settled your mind on a potential solution, then talk it out with them.
Ignore them and do your own thing. Either they'll come around to your way, or they'll figure out how to manage alone.
Stay out of their way. You don't like confrontation and you'd rather change yourself than upset them.
Stew and smoulder over it until you finally can't hold it in anymore. You explode, sometimes at the wrong person.

You're on Death Row. What is your last meal?

You're on Death Row. What is your last meal?
Mead, fresh sliced apples, French onion soup.
Cognac, followed by a ginger-carrot bisque, steamed crab with ghee, and a chocolate torte for dessert.
Grilled chicken breast stuffed with Brie and fresh herbs on a bed of stewed garden vegetables, and fresh bread with salted butter.
Sweet honey cakes served with saffron rice balls with pine nuts, and the perfect cup of tea.
Minestrone soup, alfredo linguine with prawns, served with sparkling white wine; crème brulée for dessert.
Lasagne with red wine, followed by fruit pudding and hot chocolate with brandy.
Eggs Benedict, duck confit served with champagne and lychee juice. 
Rum and salty air.
Pickled fish, poached eggs, rice with a mug of ale.
2 sausages, 2 eggs, a ham steak, tomato beans, bacon, 2 slices of toast and a tall black coffee.

What do you spend your money on most often?

What do you spend your money on most often?
Art, fine trappings, luxuries. Possessions that can be enjoyed and shared long after their purchase.
Food and cooking supplies. You are a true gourmand.
Your home. You save most of it for precautionary measures.
You save up for big ticket items - trips, vacations, investments.
Books. Knowledge, after all, is priceless.
Gifts for other people. If you see something that reminds you of someone, you get it for them without a second thought.
Dating. You like to wine and dine 'em and treat your lovers right.
Adventure - experiences, travel, concerts, parties. You only live once!
Clothes. It's wealth you can wear.
This and that. You're never sure where it all goes. Never were very good with money.

What non-pirate career are you most likely to pursue?

What non-pirate career are you most likely to pursue?
Chef. You'd have a 5-star restaurant with a daring and delicious menu.
Advertising executive. You know it's all about looks and message, and you're good at selling both an idea and an ideology.
Tailor. You like to make things, and you're very good at it. Your style is fresh and functional.
Movie star. You are great at playing roles and revel in the limelight.
Stock Market trader. You've got a great sense of trends, social movement and the worth of everything. It's a fast-paced game you excel at.
University professor. You love to teach and you know a great deal. Your quiet manner and gentleness makes you approachable for your students too.
Rock star. You've got a wild personality yet a romantic side. Combined with your bad-boy persona, you’re sure to be a star. You put on quite a show!
Construction. You're good with your hands and would like a job where your actions speak louder than words.
Champion M.M.A. fighter. You'd have a record number of championships and a terrifying reputation.
Entrepreneur. Whether you'd be reading fortunes or fixing fences - you need to be your own boss and set your own hours. You work as hard as you play.

How would you sum up humanity?

How would you sum up humanity?
Individually people are fascinating but on the whole they're painfully stupid.
They have great potential if given the opportunity and knowledge to rise to the task.
Everyone has evil in them. They either learn to behave properly or they give in to the dark.
No matter the evil, there are good people out there too. And they make it all worthwhile.
People are easily tempted, easily fooled, easily corrupted. You must fight for good wherever you find it.
We're all equals, in this together, just some folk forget that fact.
Humanity can be shaped and steered by the actions of each individual.
They're mostly good, but a few bad apples can spoil a bunch. Take care with the company you keep.
People will always take the least resistant route. How swiftly they turn down easy paths tells you how much character they lack.
Everyone has a breaking point, and they each need to be broken to learn where their best lies.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

What's your biggest pet peeve?
Stepping in something wet and having cold feet for the rest of the day.
Being woken out of a deep sleep rudely.
Invading personal space, and/or taking or using your possessions without permission.
Chewing with one’s mouth open.
People pushing an issue even after you've established personal boundaries.
Bullies winning.
People justifying their beliefs or actions by their religion.
When people hold grudges for things in the past.
Poor hygiene.

What's your weapon of choice?

What's your weapon of choice?
A dual-shot pistol. Not only is it a thing of beauty, it also has sentimental value and never misses its mark.
Your trusty rapier - never runs out of ammo, always swift and deadly.
Something explosive. You always have the upper hand when your opponent loses theirs.
Your sheer, seething rage.
A carefully orchestrated scheme that maximizes effectiveness while minimizing danger to your crew.
Anything close at hand that deals blunt trauma. You'd rather stun than kill.
Poison. Let their blood carry your vengeance sweetly and silently.
Daggers. Good in hand to hand combat or thrown in a pinch. Use your small size to your advantage.
A distance weapon, usually something thrown. You don't like to get sullied with blood.
Anything you can lift becomes a weapon in your hands. You are a fighting savant.

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite colour?
Pastels. Soft and whimsical, they evoke a kinder, gentler time.
Blue. Vibrant, versatile and good for any occasion.
Rich earthen hues. Natural and deep like the spices and pigments.
Turquoise. Like the deep oceans and precious stones.
Purple. The colour of royalty, exotic foods and wild jungles.
Red. Alive like the blood in our veins.
Green. The colour of life - a mother's eyes, the things that grow, and the renewing skin of the snake.
Orange. Like fire and smelting metal and leaves in the fall.
Black. Somber, stealthy and modest.
Neutral tones - tan, cream, brown. You prefer the rustic and simple. Nothing that draws undue attention.

What goal drives you most?

What goal drives you most?
Pride and wrath.
Redemption and personal guilt.
Fame and reputation.
Clear-conscience and morality.
Security and safely.
Family, friends and love.
The challenge, the adventure, the thrill.
Fortune and success.
Victory and revenge.
The pursuit of knowledge.

How would you describe your faith?

How would you describe your faith?
Faith is a name for the mystery and power in the world.
It's a part of life, something you grew up with.
The Goddess is the light from whence we all came and which we all return when we die, our sorrows in this life are the chill from being so far from her euphoric embrace.
Faith is personal and between each person and their chosen deities.
Religion is superstition. You believe only in the here and now and your own two hands.
Faith is a promise to live right and do good whenever you can.
Religion is a maxim, a purpose. It permeates every fiber of the world and offers promise of heaven and peace.
Religion can damn you or set you free. If you find a different doctrine that resonates better – you convert.
Faith is the reflection of science, the second half of knowing and understanding the universe.
Religion is a tool to control and direct. To unravel it is to gain the power of gods.

You've been convicted of a crime ...

You've been convicted of a crime ...
The law may be black and white, but life has many permutations of grey.
You are mightily sorry that you failed to handle the situation better and will take whatever punishment is meted out.
Run! Grab whatever valuables you can carry and hide from the law.
Elegantly plead your case in court with the confidence of a full acquittal.
"I plead guilty." Then go on to confess all of your indiscretions. What sweet relief to get this weight off your shoulders!
"I... uh... which crime are we talking about? OH! Haha... now that's a good story!"
Legally wrong, but morally right. Heaven's mandate takes precedent – “When you understand my reasons, you'll thank me!”
Pay off the officials. They didn't see anything.
Breaking a law? That's all a matter of perspective. You were just following orders.
"Desperate acts and desperate measures. I simply made the best of a bad situation."

There's a party. Where are you?

There's a party. Where are you?
You hover around those you admire absorbing their tales of adventure with wide eyes.
You supply a little illicit recreation and are generously sharing it out on the patio with any guests willing to fly with you.
You find the alcohol and start drinking. It's the only way you can loosen up.
You make the obligatory host's appearance, then find a quiet corner to watch from, chatting with one or two key people. 
You remain at home, enjoying the peace and quiet with a good book.
You hobnob with everyone, by turns engaging in small talk and dancing late into the night. You're in your element, truly sparkling!
In the kitchen, preparing delicious food and drink for the guests.
Shagging in the back rooms on top of someone's jacket.
You are the quintessential wallflower, watching from the sidelines. No one will remember you attended.
You spike the drinks, crank the tunes and get this party started!

How do you feel about marriage?

How do you feel about marriage?
The true sanctity of a happy home, to cherish and hold in sickness or health.
'Til death do us part, for better or worse.
You’re married to your job.
Shackles that drain a man of his youth and a woman of her beauty. A sentence worse than death.
An empty promise made to be broken.
There are too many people to love and experience in this world to settle on just one.
Marriage is something you only do if you deeply and truly love someone. And if that doesn't work, if you truly and deeply love the next someone.
Marriage is that thing you do to raise children.
Marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman, only.
An old-fashioned tradition more about money than love.

At the end of your life, you'd look back and say ...

At the end of your life, you'd look back and say ...
“Take care of everyone when I'm gone... I'll always watch over you.”
“Forgive me father, for I have sinned...”
“Well, that was fun. Let's go again!”
“In the words of Oscar Wilde - either this wallpaper goes or I do!”
“Never enough time. There's still so much I could do!”
“At least I found love.”
“I did my best.”
“I can finally rest and be with my family again.”
“So much time wasted on that which truly did not matter...”
“Let my soul be judged. Mother - Father - did I make you proud?”

How do you choose your friends?

How do you choose your friends?
You choose those you can protect.
You need someone you can trust and understand.
Quality over quantity.
You like friends who won't sell you out, who have courage and a good sense of humour and won't back down from a fight.
Your loyalty, once won, is won forever - but you have to admire them greatly and know that your friendship is valued.
You’re drawn to those different from yourself. You like a puzzle.
You choose those with similar values or outlooks.
You like folk you can relax around, who you can do activities with.
You are drawn to those who are very strong in the ways you are weak.
You choose those you can help to improve. Intellectual stimulation is important.

The crew is threatening mutiny ...

The crew is threatening mutiny ...
You find yourself getting riled up by the rhetoric. You go for the torches and pitchforks!
You run to the Captain to warn him!
You warned the Captain this would happen. It's his own fault that he wouldn't listen to you.
You pick the side you like better - even if it's the "losing" side.
You give an eloquent and winning speech to settle everyone down.
You hedge your bets and side with whomever is winning.
You try to stay out of the way - you hate being divided between friends.
You're orchestrating it. You cannot stand this laconic rule any longer.
You use this as your chance to escape in the fray.
You take out the ring-leader of dissent. You swiftly turn on the rest of the rabble and shame them for their insolence. They’ll think twice about stirring up trouble again.

You overhear someone bad-mouthing a friend. What do you do?

You overhear someone bad-mouthing a friend. What do you do?
Simply say "No one is perfect." Your gentleness tends to cow others’ bravado. That and your rippling biceps.
Find the person afterwards in private and address their behavior, reprimanding them and warning not to do it again.
Call them out on it. This slander is unacceptable!
Find the person afterwards in private and psychoanalyze their accusations, turning it back around on them. Give them some food for thought.
Retort with a witty and scathing assessment of the slanderous rogue!
Say nothing. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and you don't want to upset your friend.
Denounce them publicly, airing all their dirty laundry and accusing their faults. Afterwards tell your friend what went down.
Challenge them to a duel to defend your friend's honour.
Ask your friend if it's true. If not, together you’ll beat the rogue up.
A good punch to the face shuts most people up.

You see a starving child and you have a full purse - what do you do?

You see a starving child and you have a full purse - what do you do?
Give it one coin. No need in being foolish about it.
Ask the child to take you to his or her home. After surveying the filthy hovel, you leave your entire purse and go home hungry.
Buy the child a full dinner, over which you give an inspiring rhetoric and instill hope for the future.
Take the child under your wing and teach him to steal and trade, read and do arithmetic. Send him back out into the world a survivor.
Pay for the kid to work for you for a day and tip generously. After all, you need to teach the whelp a good work ethic.
Watch the child to determine it's not a ruse or a set-up. If you get a good feeling, give generously.
Share your bread with the kid, then move on.
Fill her hands up with coin and lead her to a nunnery where she'll be safe.
Walk on by. You worked hard for this money. Everyone just wants a handout.
Only give if they're making an effort - singing, dancing, selling flowers, or have a sweet manner.

How do you face a tricky problem?

How do you face a tricky problem?
Ask for help. No shame in admitting you don't know.
Pray or meditate, waiting for inspiration to guide you.
Lose your temper. "No, I don't need your help! I can do it myself!"
Call on past experiences for potential solutions. Then it's just trial and error.
Go to your references and books to find an answer.
Just keep banging away at it until you figure it out.
Rather than the tried and true method, you think well outside the box and come up with an unorthodox and creative solution.
How badly does it need solving? Might just say forget it and move on.
Give the issue a great deal of thought, and consult your wisest friends.
Charm someone else into fixing it for you, and watch carefully so you can learn for next time.

What's the worst that could happen?

What's the worst that could happen?
You wind up cold, alone and destitute with nothing to show for your life.
The evil men win.
You die. No big deal.
You inadvertently cause the wholesale destruction of livelihoods and lives due to an honest mistake. 
You contract a hideous disease, losing your mental prowess and skill, trapped within your own twisted psyche.
Your past comes back to haunt you and you lose control of yourself.
Your family suffers due to your failings. In the end, you lose them, your home, your job and all your dreams for the future.
You wind up crippled and dependent on others’ charity.
You lose the one person you love.
You spend the rest of your life living a lie, in a job you hate, married to someone you don't love.