My First Sonic WWFFY Christmas Special Part 4

This is my Christmas gift to you, I made this for you so enjoy it and have a romantic Christmas with your secret love.

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(After Sonic teaches you to run fast, will happen next quiz) Finally it was it was Christmas eve and everyone was singing Christmas songs and baking Christmas treats. You: Yay! Sonic: Wheres everyone, Aqua and her friends should be here by now *door bell rings* You see Aqua, Felicia and Kate holding presents and singing "Santa Clause is coming to town" Sonic: You made it, did you see some of the others?

Yay! Christmas special
Give me my present
I'll carry those (uses psychokinesis)
I hate Christmas (:O)

They soon reveal Knuckles, Blaze, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Vannila and the rest of the gang holding presents and treats for all of them. All: Merry Christmas! They all enter the house Jolly (Not shadow) The funny thing was Vector dressed like Santa, Espio like Rudolph and Charmy like a present.

Espio's Rudolph, Ha (And his nose is red) XD
Wonder what there planning?
Pathetic (Be Jolly Humbug)
Me want presents (Be patient)

Everyone except you were singing Christmas songs and talking about there what there planning this holiday. Tails: Why aren't you with everyone? You: I don't feel like singing and I'm to think of what to give everyone? Tails: Did you forget to give them a gift? You:*Sighs* Yes. Tails puts on his thinking face and has an idea. Tails: I'll help you make one. He gives you a camera and tells you his plan. You: Awesome Idea. Tails: T-hanks

Tell me (No)
Please tell me (No)
Tell Me! (no!)
I don't care (Grumpy)

You soon start taking pictures of everyone having a awesome time. You hear a loud whistle, Sonic's standing at the front of the main party area. Sonic: Ok everyone will be entering 2 someones to sing a Christmas song. The winners of the singing contest will get first dibs on filling there plate. Everyone starts writing who they want to sing. You stood there just taking pictures and drinking eggnog. Tails: Who are you entering ___?

Shadow, he must sing like a angle (I don't think so)
You! Tails: What?! (XD)
Silver, He sings beautifully in the shower. (XD) (Wait you here him sing in the shower?)

Before you could answer Sonic whistles getting everyone's attention. Sonic: The votes are in and first to sing will be ___ and knuckles. You and Knuckles: What?! Sonic: Sorry guys but you have to, the votes say so. Now the song request is Winter Wonderland so we'll set up the music and get the microphones ready. You and Knuckles looked shocked and terrified. You both had stage fright and think they'll laugh at you.

Why knuckles (To get your dream boy Jelly)
This is going to be fun
Whaaah! (XD)
*Smirks*(*Smirks back*) *Gulps* Don't embarrass me

After practicing in your room you go down stairs and see everyone cheering you on. Sonic: Are you Ready? *You and knuckles nod Yes* Good now ___ will be the main singer and knuckles will be back up. Tails got out the camera and gave you thumbs up. you smile back then the song comes on and you sing your heart out.

Did I do good (Yes)
Can I not do it (No)
Hows your day (Great, thanks for asking)
*Singing*(You must love singing)

Everyone Cheers or sings along to you and Knuckles as you sing Winter Wonderland. After you were done everyone came to hug you guys. Soon after everyone else sang it was time to see who won the best singing award. Sonic: T-hanks to all who participated now first goes to Silver and Blaze, second place to ___ and Knuckles, and third place goes to Rouge and shadow.

Aw, I wanted to listen to Silver's Song
That was embarrassing (You did good)
That was, Awesome!
*Growling* (Your going on the naughty list)

*Time skip* Silver: Time for Presents! You all enter the main room and sit down ecxept you and Tails. Tails: Me and ___ have a gift for you all. You turn on the TV and put in the slideshow with all the pictures you took of everyone and pressed play. After the slideshow and you gave everyone a copy Mysteriously familiar voice: Hey do you want your present or not.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! Aqua: Have a gingerbread Mobian. :) Me and the gang just have to say have a happy holiday.

Thanks *Eats gingerbread Mobian*
*Eats gingerbread Mobian meanly*
*Smiles and eats gingerbread Mobian*
My favorite! (Eats gingerbread mobian)