The Perfect Four! (Part 1)

The Perfect Four! (Part 1)

In a world full of evil and chaos, the world counts on the Perfect Four. Consisting of Lynn, the Fastest girl, Elizabeth, the Brains, Stephen, the cutest man, and Ron, the nicest man. The world gets threatened by the Evil Dr. Avery who wants everyone to turn against the Perfect Four, what will happen?

published on July 12, 201417 responses 0 3.7★ / 5

Your friend is upset. What do you do?

Try talking to her.
Be Pretty and try making him feel better
Be Nice! :D

Would you rather...

Be a normal girl who suddenly finds out she has powers?
Be the smartest girl who wins a spelling bee at age five?
Be the most hansom man?
Be the nicest Gentleman?



You are a...


How did you meet Dr. Avery?

He tried to Kidnap me :(
He froze everyone except for me.
I haven't met him yet!
He hurt me! :(

You would rather... Girls choose (Girls) boys choose (Boys)

Be A fast runner (Girls)
Be The Smartest Girl! (Girls)
Be the most handsomest boy! (Boys)
Be the Nicest boy! (Boys)