Who would you snog in a game of seven minutes in heaven?

Seven Minutes in Heaven Hogwarts Style! The twins are throwing party and, of course are playing Seven Minutes in Heaven! Who will you get? Harry? Draco? Neville? Ron? Wood? Find out here!

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Hullo love. (me: well aren't you sweet)
H-hel-lllo (me: aw, don't be shy)
Hello, I am Y/L/N, Y/N Y/L/N. (me: Y/L/N is your last name)
Hey yourself! (me: uh)

Freebie! Who do you want?

Harry! (me: why?)
Ron! (me: you Griffindors man)
DRACO! (me: finally, a Slytherin! He's mine though)
Neville (me: Aw, you like the shy type)
!Oliver Wood! (me: why you gotta say the whole name?)

Uh-W-what's your- er- yourfavoritecolor? *hides behind Draco*

Blue, like the ocean
Dark green, like a forest
Gold, like a first place medal
GRIFFINDOR RED! (me: siriusly. Lol get it? Too soon?)

What quidditch position would you play?

Er, left bench
What's it to you? (me: rude much?)

What house are you in?

Griffindor! (me: *coughs* griffindork *coughs*)
SLYTHERIN! (me: you're alright)
Hufflepuff! (me: *rolls eyes*)
Ravenclaw! (me: not the worst)
My own? (me: I think you're a little confused love)

What do you pull out of Fred's hat?

A strange rock
A ring
Hufflepuff's destroyed cup
A list of *pause, tilts head in confusion* passwords?
A red apple

Fred and George: Are you ready?

Yes love!
I-I guess (me: still a little shy? how adorable!)
I was born ready! ( me: you sound like Potter!)
Just show me my bloody results! (me: excuse yourself!)