are you more fox or wolf? :)

are you more fox or wolf? :)

Do you know if you are more fox or more wolf yet? well this quiz will tell you exactly what you are! take the quiz 2 find out which 1 you really are! ;)

published on September 28, 201491 responses 28 4.7★ / 5

Are you a female or a male?


would you rather swim in a crystal clear river or ski in plush white snow?

ooh... I'll take the river, sounds refreshing.
definitely skiing, i love going fast!

Pick your color?


If you had to pick one, what animal would you pick?

A moose, they're huge and so are their antlers!
A mink, they're so cute!

Which atmosphere would you most likely be better off in?

A cool misty forest with a river I can take a dip in from time to time.
A beautiful winter wonderland with snow falling on your fur.

FINAL QUESTION! :) If you could have one special power, would it be the power to run speedy fast! Or would it be the power to jump to super heights!

Are you kidding me, the power to super jump!
Duh, the power to run crazy fast!