What kind of turtle are you (jk)?

Take this test to see what word you fit in with. It's a mystery hehehe.

published on June 19, 20168 responses 0
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Which activity sounds most appealing?

Going adventuring... Maybe sky dying ohh yea that sounds fun
Staying inside and being on my phone all day
Going shopping with my girlfriends while instagaming it all
Planning some revenge
Doing some charity work
Playing video games

What outfit sounds the best?

Something stylish
Something sensible
Black jeans, black top
Whatever's clean I don't care. Hopefully something with profanity on it
Clean formal clothes
Something in the middle...

Best hairstyle

Idc something out of my way
Stylish Updo I found on Instagram
Something that screams "professional"
Whatever.. I don't care. Something low maintenance

What car sounds most appealing?

Pickup truck, I can store all my supplies in it and it's heavy duty
Junkyard car
Expensive one..
Whatever my parents DONT want me to get
A normal business car
Something high tech

If you had to wear makeup, what would you wear?

Basic white girl look
Something extravagant
Just enough to make me look ok
Well I'm riobbing a bank tonight at 2, so probably everything black
I don't know... Something that makes my braces and huge glasses look nice

What color are you braces and why (or what color would you have them be)

Clear... To blend in
Neon colors
Whatever my friends are getting
Something neutral
I dont care.. It's not like I'm going to take care of them anyway

What saying best describes you (honestly)

Um whatever
I love my phone
Hi! I'm normal!
**** off
Where is the nearest library?

Do you like school?

Yea I'm so popular
Um yeah I get to socialize with my friends
Nonononono get me out
I don't like it but I get to smart off at my teachers and make them hate me hahaha
Um, heck ya! It's so lit man
Me:plz stop ruining pop culture for everything
Yea I like to see how much I can get away with