What phone fits you?

Does an iPhone fit you or does an casual flip phone fit you ? Well find out in this quiz!

published on June 27, 201414 responses 1 3.0★ / 5

When its rainy outside and your not going anywhere what do you wear

Ummm duhh I always look cute
Um I stay in my pajamas duhh
I throw on some sweat pants and a casual but really cute new top
Um sweat pants or shorts and just a top

Your going to go hang with the friends what do u wear

Um a cute skirt with a casual sweater
Um whatever I feel like most likely just some jeans and an old shirt
Pair of shorts and a cute new top
A cute new outfit like some high waisted shorts and belly shirt

Mall trip! What do you wear

comfortable clothes but fashionable
um I never get caught at the mall looking a mess duh that's the time I look the best
Jeans and one of my good old shirts maybe an old navy one if I can steal it out of my sisters room
jeans that make my butt and legs look good and just an Hollister shirt

What's your favorite color

Pink and blue
Green and pink
black and orange
Green and purple

What's your favorite shoes

Umm duh some toms and uggs
um def not name brand I don't own any unless air walks count
Jordan's and cute American eagle straps on sandles

What's your favorite hair style

Um down
pony tail

What's your favorite animal


Favorite place to get clothes

Big mall
Mall and rainbow

fovorite color