What role would you play in a horror movie? (1)

What role would you play in a horror movie? (1)

Are you the main character? Secondary? Or are you just going to die? Find out in my quiz! :) WANRING: You will die in seven days if you aren't honesst! Choose what you will actually do, not what you know is best for scores!

published on May 26, 201932 responses 6
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Your closet starts rattling. What would you do? BE HONEST!

Grab a gun
Look Inside
Run Away
Stay Put

If you saw a zombie in your house, what would you do?

Grab a Gun
Grab an Axe
Flee the House

All the lights went out. What would you do?

Grab a flashlight and explore
Grab a gun
Call 911

A person is stalking you and has been for five days. what do you do?

Confront him
Grab a gun
Stay acting normal
Call 911
Try to secretly kill him
Go to a friend's house

A city has been mysteriously destroyed. You are near it. What do you do?

Grab a friend and explore
Explore alone
Get a weapon and hide
Get a weapon and explore
Grab a friend and a weapon and explore

You are in a long dark hallway and there's a figure at the entrance. Beside you is a locked closet. Behind you is a locker room. On you other side there is a gun. What do you do?

Run towards it, thinking it's your friend.
Grab the gun and shoot.
Grab the gun and warn the figure.
Hide in the locker room.
Kick down the closet door.
Pretend to be dead.

your house has just been broken in to. What do you do?

Call 911 and hide.
Hide, calling might give away your position.
Grab a weapon and hide.
Grab a weapon and confront
Jump out the window or exit out the back door.

You wake up in a dark forest. (Movie cliches these days!) What do you do?

Climb into a tree
Walk a random direction
Start a fire
Start a coordinated search
Call for help
Find food
Search for why you are here

A limping, monstrous... thing is walking towards you. It looks armored. What do you do?

Grab an axe.
Grab a gun.
Run away!
Talk to it
Go Boxer-style on it