Could we be friends? (8)

Could we be friends? (8)

I'm just wondering cos I don't have friends and if I knew you irl we could be friends?

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You see someone on their own, they seem pretty sad, you...

Walk up to them to see if they're ok, everyone should have friends!
Leave them, of course she's fine

The girl sees you and waves. you...

Say hi ^^
Middle finger the b*tch

The girl says hi back (if you chose the first one), she looks like she's been crying, you...

Ask if shes ok
I did that, of course she deserves it

The girls starts to cry. You...

omg! I need to get you to a teacher!
Lol! Baby!

The girl asks for a hug. you..

Smack her!

A teacher comes up to you and the girl. You...

Teacher, I don't know what's wrong! She just started crying *explains everything*
umm.... I didn't do anything

The teacher figures out the culprit. What do you do?

Oh, that's good, so we'll know who it is not to talk to
Ah shet! *runs*

The girl asks your favourite colour. What is it


The girl tells you her name, its Christine

Nice name!

Its done!

Yes! Im away