When Are You Going to Have Your Period?

When Are You Going to Have Your Period?

I'm sorry if these questions make you uncomfortable, but these quizzes are popular. Please take the whole quiz. Thank you. Girls only, unless your just a bored guy.

published on September 17, 2014103 responses 41
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So, do you think your ready for your period?

Yeah! My time is coming to an end and I'm getting a fresh new start soon!
No, i think I need some time to think about my current work, not my new start.

So, do you have your noun yet?

Yeah! It's totes cool!
No/ I'm not sure if it's that great yet.


YASS! And it's even paired with an *squeals* AdVErb!
No/ Yeah, but it isn't that cool...

Are you having a hard time stopping your sentence?

Yeah, I just feel like the first is done now to go on!
No, I'm working out the basics...

Final Question:
Are you using exclamation marks or question marks?

No, never.
YES! or No? Why?