Which Hunger Games Character Are You? (5)

Find out which hunger games character you are! Are resourceful like Rue? Fast like Katniss? Trained like the careers? Artistic like Peeta?

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The bloodbath begins, you

A. You run for the cornocopia and grab as many weapons as you can, you need defense
B. You run for the woods and dont stop until you are sure that no one is within a mile of you, its better to lay low and figure things out
C. You climb the nearest tree, its best to find high ground

Half of the tributes are gone, you have been

A. Hunting down the other tributes, you're narrowing down the competition
B. Waiting it out, you dont want risk it
C. Finding allies, when it comes down to it, you need back up

When there is only a few of you left, you are the tribute that is

A. Using the inviroment as a weapon, you could not aquire any weapons at the bloodbath
B. Taking over the cornocopia and is prepared for a final battle
C. Healing your wounds, you have been in some tough battles

You win the Games, you

A. Feel sorry for all the people who died in your games
B. Are victorious, you WON!
C. Are just happy to return to your family
D. Are the new face of the capital, everyone loves you

When you arrive back to your district you

A. Have a party at your new mansion, everyone should know you
B. Collect your things from your old house, but leave some old memories
C. Try to forget