What FNAF 2 character are you? (1)

Your choice of characters are Foxy,The Mangle,Old Freddy,Old Chica, Old bonnie Toy Freddy,Toy Chica,Toy bonnie,Golden Freddy, The puppet or Balloon boy! This is my very first quiz! I'm obsessed with FNAF so I decided to do a quiz on it... ENJOY!

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What FNAF 2 character are you? (1)
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Choose a Character you like!

Choose a Character you like!
The Mangle
Old Freddy
Toy Freddy
Golden Freddy
Old Chica
Toy Chica
Old Bonnie
Toy bonnie
The puppet
Balloon Boy

Choose a Personality

Loud,Friendly,Funny and mean without meaning it
Shy,Friendly,Loud and Sometimes mean
Scary,quiet and sometimes a bit loud
Entertaining,Loves singing,Funny and got a good sense of humour!
Popular,friendly,cool and kind!
Kind,Helpful,Funny and Friendly
Gentle,Friendly and Protective
Friendly,Kind,Playful and Talented
Generous,Kind,Talented and Very mature
Stubborn and very fussy
Caring,Serving and Funny

What's your favourite colour(s)?

What's your favourite colour(s)?
White and Pink
A very dark brown
A very light brown
A very light yellow
Light blue
A very dark yellow
White and black

What would you say to people?

What would you say to people?
Hello there and welcome to Freddy fazbears pizza!
Hello there children nice to meet you you look nice today!
Welcome to my kitchen I make the food and never leave here!
Hi you wanna cupcake or a pizza ask me kiddies
Hello there, are you hungry cause if you are you can get a cupcake or a pizza!
Anybody wanna listen to my electric guitar!? -Kids hug him-
Hello kids now let's listen to my electric guitar it's nice d you think?! -Kids hug him lots-
-Boing- Hello kids would you like to wind up my music box?! -"Yep"-
Do you wanna Balloon or a Prize?! -"ok"-
Hello there you wanna listen to my amazing pirate song?! -"Yeah"-
Hello kids I'm on the sealing hehe! -"Cool"-

Choose a song

'you are a pirate'
'Care for me!"
'Welcome to Freddy fazbears pizza'
'Pizza Is served'
'Freddy's pizza'
'Me and you kids'
'Da electric guitar'
'Balloons and prizes'
'Im gold'