Which Futurama Character are You?

Which Futurama Character are You?

To see which Futurama character you really are. Want to take this quiz to see if you're your favorite Futurama character?

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Do you like beer?

*Glug Glug Glug Glug Glug* What'd you say? I was drinking my beer.
I'm too much of a focused person to drink beer.
I'd rather have a soda.
I like fish.
If it helps me look sexier.

How handsome\pretty are you?

Don't know. Don't care.
Is being a pizza delivery guy sexy?
I don't get a lot of guys\girls because I look a little weird.
I'm the sexiest man alive. *Person tries not to laugh*
I don't know, but I sure like fish.

What's your dream job?

Captain. I was born a leader.
Anything except for a delivery guy.
Dream job? No job. I wanna just be unemployed, sit down and watch All of My Circuits.
Being fisherman. Then I catch fish.
My dream job is to be an even better leader than I already am. Which is impossible. So I've achieved mine already.

When were you born?

In the 20th Century
In the 21st Century
I don't know. My parents left me as an orphan and I don't know my birthday.
I don't know when, but it was probably in the water with a bunch of fish.
In a time where all the sexy people were born.

Which of these deadly sins is yours?


Favorite color out of these?

Whatever color makes me look more sexy.
Favorite color? I don't have one, so bite my shiny metal a*s.

If you were in the future, which of these would you do?

Admire my shiny metal a*s.
Eat Anchovies.
Get with the hotties. I'm so admirable.
I don't know! I'd have no friends! No parents! No girlfriend! Everyone I love would be gone! ......YAHHOOOOOOOOOOO Party Time!
Look for my long lost parents.

Do you have a girlfriend\boyfriend?

Of course, I do. I'm the sexiest person alive. *Waits to cry in sleep*
I want to, but I just can't get the right person.
A long time ago I did.

What color would you dye your hair?

No hair on me, buddy. I'm bald as a roll of fishsticks.
Dying hair is for chumps. I'm already cool enough.

What's an important part of the eye that transfers the image into your brain from your eyeball?

Oh, so that's what does that. I thought the leg did that.
The Retina.
The Trachea.
Hmmm...I think that it's the *muffles under breath because you have no clue.*
Hmm...you know what's even more important? Bite my shiny metal a*s, meatbag.

Who's the best Futurama character?

Zapp Brannigan.